James Hird: WADA used wrong facts

The decision today by WADA is a terrible miscarriage of justice. Probably Easily the worst in history.

When I said I hoped 2016 would be a ‘year of facts’, I was hoping they would be my facts, the ones that suit my worldview.

Unfortunately, WADA have chosen to look at all the facts, many which I have chosen to discount. I like to think it’s the facts I reject that make mine the best.

My facts have been hand selected, like I’m a ‘facts sommelier’, picking facts carefully and thoughtfully while discarding the ones I don’t like.

Being a facts sommelier gives you a far better outcome, a much more palatable one too.

WADA are like some ‘facts Dan Murphy’s’. Just every fact in the world under one roof, with no careful eye on which ones are completely unpalatable.

That’s why we’ve ended up with this result. Every fact has been sampled leaving a bad aftertaste. Like when teenagers make rocket fuel using whatever alcohol is in their parent’s cupboard. Sure, you get a result but it’s rarely a good one.

Is this the world we want to live in? Where unpalatable truths win over carefully crafted narratives?

It’s time to wake up.

The barbarians are at the gate and today we got a glimpse of what it will be like if they get inside.

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  1. RedcliffeScott

    Robfromtaroona TitusOReily Golfer banned 9 mths for beta blocker legally taking. Skiier lost medal on a Canadian Vicks. Essendon?

  2. RedcliffeScott

    Robfromtaroona TitusOReily Golfer banned 9 mths for beta blocker legally taking. Skiier lost medal on a Canadian Vicks. Essendon?

  3. Robfromtaroona

    2012 Brownlow should now go to Cotchin & Mitchell RedcliffeScott TitusOReily

  4. Robfromtaroona

    2012 Brownlow should now go to Cotchin & Mitchell RedcliffeScott TitusOReily

  5. lorrainebomber

    mickvagg did u read CAS report? Stephen Dank accepts NO responsibility, Dean Robinson claims he is a victim yet they get the most mentions.

  6. mickvagg

    lorrainebomber Who hired Dank and Robinson? Who gave them a free hand and helped hide it from the team Dr? Unconscionable conduct

  7. lorrainebomber

    mickvagg Hird did not employ Dank and Robinson. Best to read up on events.

  8. mickvagg

    lorrainebomber Oh that’s right, Hird was the one telling them NOT to beef up the players b/c he was happy with their level of strength

  9. lorrainebomber

    mickvagg Dank bought the supplements and injected them. Robinson was complicit as high performance coach.

  10. mickvagg

    lorrainebomber So Hird (who was getting some injections himself) is not responsible at all? He helped hide it, and he knew about it

  11. Jezebel1982

    TitusOReily on fire today! This is your GF day #guiltynotguilty

  12. au_sesquip

    TitusOReily “Morality is what I say is right, and immorality is what I say is wrong.” GTAVC’s Pastor Richards or James Hird?

  13. georgechris67

    TitusOReily very funny toot toot Wellio adamdepo

  14. paul_newell

    TitusOReily GrogsGamut “…If only they had used the facts we wanted them to use.”

  15. Geoff Schaefer

    Chris Gayle should be out hitting on everything that moves today. No one will care for the next 24 hours. No rush baby.

  16. Dean Morgan

    Travis Hocart Kerryn Edwards Mackenzie Morgan Fergus Morgan John Howell Liz Cowell Mark Stewart I think this is his best yet!

  17. paul_newell

    TitusOReily GrogsGamut “HIRD: “If only they hadn’t used facts at all…..The outcome would have been very much different…”

  18. Sean Lyons

    This story is going to run you out of business, Titus. You only have to cut & paste this stuff. It self-satirises.

  19. Sean Lyons

    Normally if someone adds the word “fact” at the end of a sentence, it tends to lend some suspicion to the fact that the aforementioned fact is indeed factual. Same goes for “That’s a fact”. Traditionally used only in pubs after 10PM, Hird has seen fit to use it at press conferences/interviews with, it must be said, mixed results.

  20. Cody James Miller

    I’m trying to think of a more arrogant person….James Hird – the Kanye West of football?

  21. Damien Kearney

    He has destroyed that club. And sadly they allowed him to.

  22. Lynne Featonby

    Facts schmacts. That bloody WADA treated the players like adults, with responsibilities and stuff. How very dare they!?!

  23. Joel Villis

    ‘Facts Somellier’. This could be your best yet.

  24. John Howell

    Morgsie – you know my position on this – when do you think someone will actually sue young James???

  25. Chris Kendall

    It’s always better when James is seen and not Hird.

  26. Julie-Anne Gatehouse

    James Robert Gatehouse “WADA are like some ‘facts Dan Murphy’s” 🙂

  27. Dave Raus

    Asada said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove guilty, so how can they be proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt without any fresh evidence.. Another case of the capital always getting their way.

  28. Ross Butler

    ‘WADA is a Facts Dan Murphy’s’ – Top shelf from Titus. (y)

  29. Dean Morgan

    Good question, I have no idea. I this case do the players have any grounds? They have been found guilty for failing to look after themselves, is that anyone else’s fault?
    Did you read that link? Very funny.

  30. Jed Mahoney

    It’s like a pub brawl where all the bystanders wait for the dust to settle before laying the boot in. Salad days.

  31. Craig Lister

    Today is just like Xmas for Titus Greg, Jared & Ashley

  32. Nadia Paternoster

    James Hird and those in the know, did the wrong thing, and they got found out. People need to take responsibility for their actions. I feel sorry for the players who put trust in people who let them down.

  33. Karin Cullen

    As a PA supporter and member I can’t even begin to tell you how pissed of I am.

  34. Dylan Brogan

    Nathan Jackson David Marsh Matthew Pope.
    One of the best.

  35. David Adamson

    What a fkn knob. Hird got Essendon into this situation. He should hang his head in shame. No credibility, responsibility or accountability.

  36. Kyle Halbert

    Haha I like the one which said “this proves our innocence”

  37. Harriet Tolhurst

    U0001f602U0001f602 ‘fact sommelier’ haha so good!

  38. Lee Greenhalgh

    He reminds me of Comical Ali who went on live TV to deny Iraq was being invaded as an American tank rolled past in the background

  39. Matthew Pope

    Same as the current channel 9 cricket team ran Billy Birmingham out of a job. For the same reason.

  40. Ian Swann

    ‘Players have received a 12-month suspension, meaning they will miss the entire 2016 season, including finals’. Now there’s making a positive from a negative if ever I saw one.

  41. Benno Napier

    Dan Murphys of facts ahaha Hamish Parkour Bigwood Jordan Hounsfield

  42. Adam Gregory

    It’s not beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s not criminal.

  43. Dave Raus

    Really, wasn’t aware of that.. Plays well into the hands of the organisations dishing out the punishments

  44. Peter Cosgriff

    What you have done to the careers of these young men is truly shameful and simply walked away.

  45. Dan Degenhardt

    You have to feel for those Bomber fans who put in the hard yards to become experts on the legal system and banned substances so that they could keep the rest of us so emphatically informed, and remind us how little we knew. I’m sure they’re out there apologising to family and friends as we speak.

  46. Grant Harrison

    James Hird is a fallen star. He has disgraced the club he was meant to cherish and ruined the careers and lives of so many players and their families. How dare he blame others. He pushed others under the bus while taking his million dollar salary without a care in the world. James Hird – I used to have you up on a pedastal but now you are nothing but a liar and cheat and you should hang your head in shame, man up and apologise for the lives you ruined. Your a massive sook. If you have any friends on trial I truly hope they are not counting on you to provide supporting evidence for them. They will spend a long time in prison as you are the type of bloke who throws women and children behind them while running from the Sharks. Enough said.

  47. John Howell

    No didn’t read yet – what happens now re bombers list???? Should I give them a call

  48. Deborah Cosham

    The wrong facts???? WTF??? That’s like saying there is a different version of the truth! ! Crawl back into your hole James – enough damage has been done

  49. Rod Randles

    Asada never said there wasn’t enough evidence, 3 AFL randoms,one being Wayne “Moose” Henwood ex Sydney player……Last I checked he was no rode scholar nor an expert on world drug taking.

  50. Maurice Ferdinando

    How caaan FACTS be wrong they are facts.If Hirds pride had not intervenedthe Dons would have been free like CRonula

  51. Leigh Mcgillick

    It’s hard for essendon to say that they even know what the facts are given they went out of their way to ensure there were no records kept. It’s the same principal the mafia use – don’t keep records so you can’t be caught. Well guess what, we can all smell the stench

  52. andrewkelly

    Hello Rod
    Looks like your no Rhodes scholar either

  53. Nick White

    Extraordinary that Hird has decimated the club that gave him everything.

  54. John Howell

    You are a good kid – always pumping up my tyres!!!

  55. Dean Morgan

    How many of their players could run out of defence spinning the ball on their fingers?

  56. Ross Ramsey

    Unfortunately his legacy has been tarnished forever.

  57. Dave Raus

    All the need is a comfortable satisfaction, that’s the level the need to say yay or nay

  58. Graeme Fish

    Haha, didn’t know Tania and James were still in the country. Great investigative journalism Titus!

  59. Wes Grainger

    Maybe the bombers were hard done by Clint Grainger U0001f609

  60. Rosie Williams

    Don’t be ridiculous !! They WERE crooks and, received the appropriate sanctions!!
    At last !!!!

  61. Shavenewok

    TitusOReily any truth to the rumour a win against Essendon will only be worth 2 points this year?

  62. pwoiter

    Don’t understand why these players get punished whilst Goodes gets away with pointing at someone who calls him an ape.

  63. Rosa Frassoni

    …and you know the principals the mafia use? Interesting!

  64. brknhed

    TitusOReily as we all know there are good facts, bad facts and facts that suit the story. Hard for those who wish to deal only with facts.

  65. bacardi_jr

    TitusOReily Quite possibly. Your best yet. I read it three hours ago and have got my explosions of laughter down to a giggle now

  66. Matthew Drane

    Looking forward to the day all the facts are on the table, so that Hirdy & the boys are in a very good place.

  67. Doug Pell

    They were guilty of lack of governance of a system of cheating to obtain an unfair advantage. the drugs that were jabbed into their systems at the time were on the WADA list of banned drugs, when are you Essendon supporters going to accept that this decision is final and your club has let you down, simple as that.

  68. Rick Kreeck

    Ha! Doesn’t James know that even if you call it Grange, you rave about it like it’s Grange and you have players signing a form consenting to drink their Grange on the quiet, it doesn’t mean jack when Dank is in the kitchen with a goon bag and a trade account with Chateau Dapto.

  69. Clint Grainger

    Facts schmacts. You can prove anything with facts. 40% of people know that!

  70. Dave Raus

    It’s called being blinded by loyalty to your club & your an arseclown if you think you wouldn’t do it to your own club either.
    That’s ok next time a players knee has blown out & can’t walk & they jab him with cortisone so he can play on I’ll turn a blind eye.. That’s a “legal steroid”. But still highly beneficial even more so than the peptides. Next time I read that players take a hand full of uppers before a game to benefit from the effects & then jump on the stilnox to come down & sleep I’ll pretend it doesn’t happen. Next time I go out to a club & a group of players smashing lines in the toilets I’ll go yeah thats ok they want to gain an advantage on the dance floor.

  71. Don Joiner

    It was all his fault the AFL should ban him from all AFL grounds and activities for LIFE. He has dragged the name Essendon into the gutter and pretends everything is OK. The man has NO SHAME

  72. Gio Felicia

    James hird and his Co horts should be deported to Syria !

  73. Norm Baker

    No it’s an arrogant, egotistical self absorbed, contentious thing!

  74. Mata Hari

    Ha! Yes, all of those. “Jimmy Thing” is a Dave Mathews Band SONG U0001f3b6U0001f601

  75. Mandarin Soy

    Thanks for making me laugh this morning Titus! If anyone saw AFL360 Essendon special last night, Robbo might as well have worn his Bombers Guernsey on the show last nite..

  76. StephenKaye

    Would love to read your comments Titus on Robbo’s performance on AFL 360 last night.  What a train wreck……reckon Gill is still giggling.

  77. Joanne Everett

    As the song goes,(In these shoes? Let’s do it here). Will the truth ever be hird?

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