Jaeger O’Meara: Why I want to be a Hawk

A lot of people have asked me why I chose Hawthorn as my preferred destination.

The fact they even need to ask is weird in itself.

For starters, it’s not the Gold Coast and Rodney Eade doesn’t work there; two pretty big ticks right there.

Then there’s the fact they’re a professionally run team.

You don’t see them hiring Rugby League players or predicting a premiership and then not even making finals.

Some people have said I just want to go to Hawthorn to win a premiership.

Well of course. Do you point out the sky is blue to people too?

If you were working in the 15th worst accounting firm or construction company and the best one said, “come work with us” and Rodney Eade didn’t work for that accounting firm or construction company, you’d go.

You’d go every single time and twice on Sundays.

Are people saying I should choose a bad side? For what? To make other people feel momentarily happy?

I’m the one who has to then work there for the next three years.

No, I’ll go with the competent, well run team thanks.

Of course, I do worry I could become the next Nathan Buckley.

Luckily, I think Adam Treloar is.

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