Hawthorn’s away jumper is destroying our game

Twice this season, Hawthorn have worn a jumper that threatens to single-handedly destroy our great game and the AFL has sat idle.

When the drug-addled marketers got together and designed this sparkly gold monstrosity, they were launching an assault on our senses and good taste, like Channel Seven’s spectacularly ridiculous Megawall.

AFL is not a high school rock eisteddfod; it is the pinnacle of human achievement and deserves to be treated with respect. In fact, the moment the game moved away from woolen jumpers it was in trouble.

The smell of a merino wool jumper drenched in sweat and twenty kilos heavier from the rain is what made our game great. It was a badge of honour to be worn with pride.

I’ve never liked change, even when it’s for the better and this merchandising push for ‘clash strips’, which seem to mostly clash more than the originals, brings the game into disrepute.

The Hawks are literally bedazzling the very fabric of our game and the AFL’s policy is one of appeasement.

Hawthorn are serial offenders too. That diamond pre-season jumper was reason enough to have them stripped of draft picks and premiership points, yet the AFL’s refusal to act then has led to this current debacle.


The AFL must act now because through the shimmering, blinding reflection from this jumper it can see the very seeds of its destruction.

Hawthorn stand charged of bring the game into disrepute, now the AFL must act.

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  1. JohnBiddle

    Stripping past premierships would be a reasonable and proportionate response to these strips.

  2. Malcolm Makkinga

    Giving premiers the metallic gold AFL logo was always dangerous. We all knew Hawthorn would get carried away with that theme.

  3. Scot Kevin

    The article reads more like Titus O’Reilly is on the take from the company that has relaunched the Merino wool heritage jerseys this season:)

  4. Jessica Haigh

    Sharon Armstrong, Ashlea Armstrong, Ellina Anne Armstrong

  5. Kerri Gannan

    That’s just a wee bit funny. Their away jumper is horrendous. I thought I was watching multiples of the same power ranger running around on the field last night.

  6. Dallas Doolan

    I’m a hawthorn supporter and am with you on this Titus! Leave the shiny outfits to the gymnastics squads.

  7. Ashlea Armstrong

    Nick Dimond always bringing our game into disrepute U0001f61cU0001f61c lol
    Stick to the normal poos & wees U0001f4a9U0001f4a9U0001f4a9 lol

  8. Ashlea Armstrong

    They just don’t wanna wear U0001f4a9U0001f4a9U0001f4a9 anymore lol

  9. Tristan Hall

    Speaking of drug-addled… The Bombers will want one next

  10. Mary O'Shea

    Ha ha.. We’re in The Future now Rob Mastroianni.. Get used to it. U0001f645U0001f3fbU0001f4a9U0001f536

  11. Adrian Truslove

    Since when did poo brown and mustard clash with anything?

  12. DallasMcCraw

    I love the jumper… but I’m not sure why we’re made to wear it against Adelaide when the jumpers don’t clash.  I don’t think the players are a fan of it either based on Jordan Lewis’s post game interview last night.

  13. Trudy Berryman

    As a proud Hawthorn member, I loathe this guernsey. We don’t clash with anyone.

  14. Nick Abbate

    If you think a jumper is destroying the game
    You must be studying political science and deflecting from real issues

  15. Kerry Atkinson

    They are the masters of terrible jumpers remember the blue brown gold diamond ones

  16. Craig Shepherd

    Terrible jumper. Still, the only thing I’ve seen it destroy is the Adelaide Crows in front of the past players, club legends, and adoring fans in their anniversary celebration.

  17. Lambsy Ross

    Disco, disco, disco! The jumpers are shite, but if they’re winning games, I don’t care what they wear 😉

  18. tonyb1971

    I turned on the footy and mistakenly thought I had tuned in to the Power Rangers.
    Good old Hawks ruining the AFL one vajazzle at a time……..

  19. MargjjonesJones

    Not to mention the socks!!!!!! Ghastly!!!!!!!

  20. Jodie Kearnes

    People need to get a life if this is all they have to worry about lol.

  21. shell_wendt

    TitusOReily my question is are they trying to look like the White Power Ranger or is that just a coincidence? #thisquestionkeptmeupallnight

  22. aliciasometimes

    TitusOReily Fashion, footy & fast players! What could be more electric?

  23. Matt Landy

    I have one of those diamond jumpers and wear it with pride. Its a true fan favourite I’m often asked about it and regularly have random supporters get selfies with me in it!

  24. Cam Rowe

    You can wear what you like when you win back to back flags U0001f60e

  25. NMRoos75

    TitusOReily has there ever been a good Hawthorn jumper?

  26. Russell Heyzer

    I’d a thought the AFL rules committee is doing that not any jumper of any team .. Grow a brain Titus.

  27. Emma Jane Nash

    As I said last night – perfectly suitable for a calisthenics costume – I’m thinking rods.

  28. Luke Punk

    Reminds me of power rangers but I like the jumper (Carlton supporter)

  29. Rosalind Poole

    The same, but not quite as daggy, as Essendon’s away jumper. What are they thinking??

  30. Glenn Croxford

    BG even you must think this jumper is the Gayest ever

  31. Brian Holcz

    Thought it was flashback thursday flashing back to the 70’s waiting for em to sing your the one that i want

  32. Michaela Whelan

    Oh pa-lease!! I don’t think out away strip is going to ‘destroy the game’, maybe talk to essendon

  33. Tapani Hietanen

    Metallic guernseys, PLEASE! And socks that made them look like they were wearing white Dallas Cowgirl cheerleader boots. If Schoenmakers had a bun in his hair and pom poms…well you get the picture.

  34. melemelhain

    TitusOReily some might argue bringing the game into disrepute!

  35. wooda69r

    TitusOReily ha ha had to laugh at the 20 kegs heavier in Marino wool jumper,, was usually worn by blokes 10-20 kegs over the scale #nice

  36. Lindsay Gannon

    Coupled with Clarkos anger management issues the game is in real danger.

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