Fremantle fans keen to start season

Fremantle Dockers fans are keen for the club to start the 2016 season and have begun a social media campaign to alert them that it started six weeks ago.

The ‘Wake up Ross’ campaign has already attracted thousands of likes and retweets under the hashtag #WakeupRoss, while thousands of signatures have been collected on

Coming off a 2015 season where the Dockers made a Preliminary final and Nat Fyfe won the Brownlow, fans are a little concerned that the team has given opposition clubs a six-week head start.

“I was just really excited about this year,” said Dockers fan Antony Regina, “when it does finally get underway, I’m confident we can produce high quality football like last year but I’m not sure they know it started.”

“It’s probably an admin error. Like the guy who manages the fixture for them forgot to send an email or something. I mean, no one likes paperwork but it is important.

Sara Nordstrom, a member since the club was founded said she hoped the #WakeupRoss campaign would get through to the club.

“This is a bit like sleeping in. It’s not the best look but if you come in, work hard and maybe stay back an hour, people get over it.”

Attempts to contact the club went through to a voicemail saying the club was on Christmas holidays and wished everyone a happy New Year’s.

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  1. Joel Cuming

    I was hoping for a “Tom McDonald keen to play 30 metres off Nick Riewoldt” story, Titus.

  2. JB_1050

    TitusOReily U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602#roundonethisweek

  3. Bonjour_Pippy

    TitusOReily That explains why Ross was wearing Birkinstocks

  4. Brett Naylor

    Speaking of seasons, how many do you have to wait for the dees to get back to back wins again ?

  5. Michael Burdelof

    They are following the Adelaide United game plan and will be zip and 8 before it kicks in.

  6. Brendan Morphett

    Stephen Morphett Dan Verburgt. This explains it lol

  7. Stephen Wright

    Here you go Steven Major you may wish to further torment

  8. Joel Dinsdale

    Damien Hardy Cam Dinsdale Brian Thill classic Titus!

  9. William Saunders

    “Freeerrrrrrrreo give ’em the Ol’ no show…”

  10. Snert Underpant

    Seeing they have to re-plumb, re-wire and re-stump, they may just be having trouble getting tradesmen. They’ll be lucky to even get quotes before the finals.

  11. Hugo Von Winterhalter

    Seem to have a lot of admin problems these Dockers. As Titus pointed out last year, they went to the draft and forget to bring back any forwards.

  12. Snert Underpant

    Clearly You don’t understand Melbourne’s new strategy Brett. The D’s lost on the weekend but climbed a spot on the ladder. Another cunning Roos’ plan!

  13. Orson Cart

    He’s a crafty one is Ross, resting his better players for the finals.

  14. Grant Lewis

    Maurie Jodie Carlyon Nicole U0001f602U0001f622U0001f602U0001f622U0001f602U0001f622

  15. Paul Forrest

    Jay this must be the explanation to the season so far

  16. Ben Newton

    Ross might need some help on the coaching panel. I wonder what Gerard Neesham and Damian Drum are up to?

  17. Rebecca Minett Kennington

    Start? I reckon we’re already finished. Building phase again U0001f601U0001f601U0001f601

  18. Balla71

    TitusOReily comedy gold. Some of your best work yet Titus. #wakeupross

  19. MulberryBrett

    TitusOReily associating your club with giant anchors does foretell a future as wooden spooners

  20. Luke Slattery

    ThereTherese SlatteryMark Nelson u must read this!!U0001f602

  21. Chris John

    You fkn suck Titus… Sincerely a non Freo supporter

  22. Stephen Stewart

    Aren’t we a fickle lot!! When his team/s are winning, he’s a genius. A few injuries and the hoards want to crucify him. Shame

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