Fijian Rugby Sevens Player helps Titans to loss

Fijian Rugby Sevens Player Jarryd Hayne has helped his new NRL side, the Gold Coast Titans, to a loss.

Hayne, who dominated the NFL before shifting to Rugby Sevens, gave up a lucrative NFL salary and playing in the Olympics to not play for Parramatta.

Australian media have extensively covered Hayne’s recent dominance of the NFL but the former Pro-Bowler and Super Bowl MVP struggled in the first game in his new sport.

“It’s hard adjusting to the nuances of Rugby League. He’s got to learn all the positioning, the tactics and the off field antics,” said NRL commentator Barry Barryton.

“Just learning the NRL’s rich history of controversies takes a few years. It’s actually a university course.

“To make the jump from NFL and Rugby Sevens is something no one has managed before. Jarryd may not make it but he’s blazed the trail.

“This could be the beginning of a flood of NFL/Fijian Sevens players coming to the NRL. He’s to be applauded for having the courage to follow one of his dreams.”

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