Is it ever OK to change AFL teams?


Seriously why would you even ask that? Is something wrong with you?

Oh, I’ve heard all the excuses but really, except for perhaps two, they are all covering up for the fact that someone who does this is a deeply flawed human being.

Let’s look at the top reasons people change teams.

Partner barracks for someone else

Sorry? AFL teams are permanent, relationships are not. I know, being in love makes you do strange things but barracking for a team is love, just on a bigger, grander and more meaningful scale.

If your partner insists you change teams then it’s time to change partners; it really is that simple.

Friends barrack for someone else

Weak. This is worse than the previous excuse. At least there you’re in love. If peer pressure gets to you on this, you may as well give up any sense of individuality.

If need be, don’t have friends. They’re overrated anyway.

You move cities

I’ve heard this a few time actually. Someone will say, ‘I used to be a Swans supporter but then I moved to Victoria and now I barrack for North Melbourne’.

I will usually just say to that person ‘there’s a special place in hell for people like you’ before storming off.

The point here is you were not forced to move cities. Oh you got a better job? Want tot be closer to an unwell family member? Met your soul mate? Trivial things like this are not reasons to abandon the most important thing in your life.

Get Foxtel, buy AFL Live, commute. Life is about keeping in focus what’s most important, not bending it to suit your fickle fancies.

Your team is awful

As Justin Timberlake once sung ‘Cry me a River’.

To quote JT:

So you took a chance

And made other plans

But I bet you didn’t think that they would come crashing down, no

Wise words.

Supporting a bad team is character building. It makes you a deeper and more interesting person than someone who has only known good times. It’s why Hawks fans are all shallow, awful people and Western Bulldogs fans are the salt of the Earth.

This is the worst excuse of them all. It tells me you’re the sort of person that will cut and run the minute times get tough. You don’t deserve AFL.

You just really like another team

Seriously, your starting to really annoy me now. Most AFL fans don’t like their team, it’s a luxury the majority of us can’t even dream of.

I spend most of my life being emotionally tortured by mine.

Children choose teams based on who they like and even then I think the fact they’ve been allowed to choose one at all reflects poorly on their parents.

Let me be clear, once you’re in on a team that’s it. Your emotional state and feelings are totally irrelevant. Life’s hard, get used to it.

Child plays for an AFL team  

So your son got drafted by another AFL side? While you must be proud, time to disown them.

New expansion team near you

This applies in places outside of Victoria were new teams started when a lot of people used to have VFL allegiances.

I’ve some sympathy here. I mean, say you barracked for a VFL team and then the Crows came into existence, well you’d be in your rights to tell the Victorians to get knotted.

That’s it though; a one-time amnesty. Say you were born after the Crows and for some reason barracked for another team then that’s it. You can’t change.

What about a Crows fan who changed when Port Adelaide came in? Are you mad? Who is this person? Every true Port fan hated the Crows from the minute some marketing committee created them out of thin air.

Your team folds (the Fitzroy clause)  

This also applies to University fans too, although I imagine there’s not many of them still with us.

I’d like to begin by offering my sympathies. You went through something no person should ever have gone through.

I’m happy with you to have either followed the Lions to Brisbane, selected another team or just stared at a wall in shock since 1996.

When people tell me they were are Fitzroy fans, I usually just wordlessly embrace them.

There’s usually a good ten minutes of sobbing while I tell them it’s not their fault, like Robin Williams to Matt Damon at the end of Good Will Hunting.

 The fact Fitzroy were allowed to fold is one of the great tragedies of human history. I’m getting pretty angry just thinking about it.

Anyway, I’ve gotten off topic.

Don’t change teams. Life is about loyalty.

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  1. Tyson Jack

    No however Essendon supporters have a right to after their club betrayed them.

  2. Paul Oliphant

    It’s ok to change wives, friends, cities, jobs. Never ever under any circumstances can you ever change your football team. No, just no.

  3. Owen Germeroth

    Rory Stocker Ditching Port Adelaide was a good decision but still can’t believe you choose Melbourne!

  4. Samsa_LT

    TitusOReily Only if your team loses to the current Essendon side.

  5. Torkium

    TitusOReily I fit into “expansion” category, and support the GWSGIANTS – without expansion clause, expansion teams would have few fans.

  6. Twiggyflow

    TitusOReily Think you’d have a fair case if you aupport Essendon

  7. Jason Petruzzelli

    A lot of current Port Power fans changed teams at the end of 1996….. some cousins and school friends at the time were even crows season ticket holders and as soon as the new club port power came into the comp they jumped off the crows. True Story

  8. BicycleAdagio

    TitusOReily There’s a word for that: apostasy.

  9. Elec Tric Googaloo

    Only if a club you support locally steps up in the AFL. Darwin dingos 2084.

  10. OldOckerOO

    TitusOReily I have kids in all States of Australia I can play wherever I bloody like.

  11. onemojitoplease

    TitusOReily so kids – stick with the team assigned at birth – start on the booze young to cope

  12. David Allender

    Nic Cooper going to have to stick with the one side unfortunately

  13. Paul Anthony Stuart

    No, but can understand a Collingwood ex-supporter making an upgrade.

  14. Jacob Gracey

    Todd Sutton point number 2
    Andrew Clark Dani Clark

  15. Owen Germeroth

    “What about a Crows fan who changed when Port Adelaide came in? Are you mad? Who is this person? Every true Port fan hated the Crows from the minute some marketing committee created them out of thin air.” Makes 1870 even more of a joke

  16. Joshua Mosey

    No mate, the biggest disgrace in the AFL is the crows and their sheep mentality. They are the dumbest most ignorant supporters.

  17. Josh Mackenzie

    Steven good read. You don’t know what it’s like to be a one club passionate supporter.

  18. Jarad Evans

    If they admitted the Opals to the AFL I’d think about it

  19. Michael Barclay

    Dale Perkins Steven Baguley this applies to you flogs

  20. prlloyd63

    Your commitment to your #AFL should be the same as the sex life of the #gibbonape – “mate for life”

  21. GuyW4

    TitusOReily 75% of port supporters currently would of changed teams !

  22. raineoo5

    TitusOReily Not if you bleed yellow and black. U0001f42f

  23. wingajanleviosa

    TitusOReily your team folding is the ultimate cop-out. God I wish the MFC would fold and release me from this mortal life.

  24. Blair Barker

    no children under the age of 7 its frowned upon but one can live with it….adults no, thats why no ne will ever trust or like bill shorten….and why he can never ever be trusted to run the nation…GOSWANS

  25. Tom Basso

    Patrick Moller you’ve got a hell of a lot of explaining to do

  26. Aaron James

    Changed from Collingwood to Melbourne when I was four. I regret nothing!

  27. Bryce Heaton

    Ben Ellis ‘It’s why Hawks fans are all shallow, awful people’

  28. Paige Lee

    Lauren and Sean these reasons are fair but what about your original team had a hot player and he changes so you did too?? U0001f609

  29. Alexandra Swifte

    Sheridan de Kruiff word. except the bit about Hawks fans of course . We both know how my attempt to change to new side for convenience went…it was impossible. You can’t defy your heart

  30. Adam Stroud

    Swing like a rusty gate in the wind I say! But don’t be a fair weather sailor.

  31. kay_s_84

    TitusOReily never!!! It is never ok. Can’t jump on the train when winning then jump off when it derails

  32. Troy Nisbet

    Owen Germeroth you are all over the place. Not sure what point your trying to make

  33. Grady Hudd

    Reegan Mastrangelo Nick Davis Jay Hudd Point two lel

  34. Kade Hartley

    If you haven’t changed by now, Titus, you never will

  35. Ian Huitson

    So as a Hawks member I was Salt of the Earth in 1993-2004

  36. Brian Emmitt

    Yes it is. Was forced to follow St.Kilda by my family for 40 years. Changed to Sydney in 2003. Have NEVER looked back (check how the two respective sides have gone since then). Haven’t regretted one second. Why is it okay for players to have no loyalty, but not supporters?

  37. MrJoeLoh

    TitusOReily is there a “systematic doping regime with callous disregard for player safety” clause? I left the Bombers for the Dogs.

  38. Belinda Webber

    Simone Genovese read this anytime Richard ever tries to turn you

  39. Tahirih Twyford

    Thank goodness my parents are Hawthorn supporters

  40. Daniel5Faulkner

    wingajanleviosa TitusOReily I know you’re joking but talk to Fitzroy fans

  41. Ben Searle

    Brendon Ward Tim Wells Peter McMaster if only Cam Willis read this all those years ago!

  42. Singapore Bryan

    Hey Titus – when will be able to download the podcast from iTunes. Is your friend “technical difficulties” visiting longer than expected?

  43. Bella Rechter

    Kane Spagnolo what if you go for Essendon? U0001f616U0001f62bU0001f629

  44. Harry Kirby

    You know you want to Scott Hardy . Peter Dimas Tom Otten Griffin James Daniel Brody

  45. Emily Distefano

    Haha hey u ease up U0001f621U0001f621 Ty Millard

  46. geekOnaught

    kay_s_84 TitusOReily I did it the other way around. I never inherited a team though, had to find my way to the right club.

  47. Robert Douglas

    Interesting – I changed from Carlton to the Crows in 91 as the state I live in now had a team in the AFL. My brother changed from the Crows to Port in 97 as the SANFL team he had barracked for his entire life was now in the AFL. So those two examples are when a team enters the AFL. Changing from one current AFL team to another current AFL team is another story altogether and would need a mighty good reason to do so…

  48. Julie Maguire

    how many years ago Aaron, and good on you…luv the Dees

  49. Andy Godfrey

    I’m 33 years old. I was brought up following Fitzroy until they folded. I then became a passionate Melbourne supporter. I feel it is my fault. I need to be embraced…

  50. Tony Sinclair

    Thankfully i never had a VFL team pre Crows admission

  51. Michael Burdelof

    Did you get worried when you lost your first tooth? Good on you for supporting the Deez!

  52. Andrew Lynn

    Because you never earnt Sydney’s success. It’s about as relevant as the Yankees winning. It’s not your team and never will be. You were a Saint fan but now you’re nothing.

  53. Ewan Turner

    i went from adelaide to geelong back in primary school. after that the crows won 2 premierships and geelong 3. still have a soft spot for the crows.

  54. Jess De Silva

    Sheep mentality? Have you looked at Essendon lately?

  55. GravWaveRider

    TitusOReily Or like when Smithersss changed clubs cause they changed coach. #sookylala

  56. James Lowrie

    Clinton Kennon John J Gleeson Joel Lovegrove Steve Harwood Steve Horner Shane Hogan Craig Howard Matthew Francis Jones good read, can’t change teams John, sorry

  57. Paul Murgia

    Paul Anthony Stuart are you jumping on the crows bandwagon

  58. Matt Bonfield

    I’m Still following Richmond.
    Apparently it builds character.

  59. Aaron Miller

    Better than Ports bandwagon, put out the tarps during the tough times mentality

  60. Dylan Middleton

    Shelley Mortimer #YourSwans Alex Keatley #YourSuns Braden Middleton #YourPear

  61. Joel Cuming

    I’ve already got the adoption papers written up in case my future children decide to change teams.

  62. DavidLnidne

    With the exception of Fitzroy – if as a person, you are able to change teams, you are, as a person, unable to enjoy footy as it should be enjoyed.

  63. Ben Stone

    James R Coventry jumped off The Shanghai Power already? #freetibet

  64. Will Slocombe

    Eduardo Slocombe James Mcmillan As we previously discussed.

  65. Bella Rechter

    Kane Spagnolo bit like you last grand final… Oooo too soon U0001f631

  66. ShazBecc

    TitusOReily I’m part of the expansion clause, live in WA & jumped from Carlton to Eagles when they joined the VFL in 1987

  67. Adam Busby

    no… players, like any employee can change jobs to earn their living.. footy supporters are different. you my friend are a fair weather barracker and not a supporter if proud to have jumped ship. (thats ok, do what you want, but acknowledge what you have done) U0001f44d

  68. Nicky Hutchy

    lol I wish. I love be dee fan but I couldn’t have it anyway way!!

  69. Matthew Argoon

    How many times have you been tagged in this, Brodie Fraser-Glen?

  70. Bridie O'Rotteveel

    No, it is going to be okay. I’m a grandmother and i give you a hug.

  71. Kate Fox

    You just have to stick with Adelaide. They are never that bad, it is just that they are never that good either!

  72. lyntonmanuel

    RauriDonkin TitusOReily hey hey hey! Always only had one team, just had a close second team because I had a mate playing for them!

  73. Dash Laver

    That’s what ha get for switching teams, it’s Lions for me till I die.

  74. Con Goutzoulas

    Michelle, one of those reasons is right up your alley

  75. Belinda Gangi

    I followed Fitzroy for 25 years until they merged, i tried following Carlton, even had a scarf bought for me but just couldn’t do it………..i follow Brisbane now but tbh it’s pretty bloody shithouse as it’s an interstate team. U0001f621

  76. Emma Balkin

    I would never change, but glad my husband changed from the Hawks to the Cats (I didn’t make him do it!)

  77. lyntonmanuel

    RauriDonkin TitusOReily PS. 16 years in another city when you team only made it there every 3rd year allows you to have a ‘second’ team U0001f61c

  78. lyntonmanuel

    RauriDonkin TitusOReily PS. 16 years in another city when you team only made it there every 3rd year allows you to have a ‘second’ team U0001f61c

  79. Sean Smallacombe

    Haha this guy would likely punch you in the face several times if he ever met you lol

  80. RauriDonkin

    lyntonmanuel TitusOReily keep crawl in mate! 🙂

  81. Sean Smallacombe

    Seems to me your missing the point of the whole article, it basically says you’re awful lol

  82. Scott Ferguson

    I’m guessing this is about the crows massive inferior complex that the whole of the afl has witnessed today

  83. Alexandra Swifte

    Kate Fox don’t worry I’m crows through and through. My attempt to barrack for the swans lasted about 3 games and I felt totally awkward the entire time

  84. RauriDonkin

    lyntonmanuel maybe TitusOReily should discuss the support of the ‘second’ team…. #goswans

  85. Simon Kennedy

    i wanted to switch to essendon when i was nine. i was in the pub (this is in Ararat) playing pool with one of my dad’s mates. the man, a schoolteacher, spat on me and called me “weak as piss” and I stayed with Melbourne. Two years later in 1987 Melbourne were in the finals and Essendon were gone. I still feel a sting of shame at considering breaking a family tradition that now extends for 86 years.

  86. Paige Lee

    I beg to disagree, i think Titus’s views on Essendon would likely make YOU want to punch him in the face!!

  87. Sean Smallacombe

    And you were a crows supporter!! No one ever left there and went to the cats (before this year) and Cam Mooney is the ugliest man to ever play the game (his moniker was the big hairy cat hahaha)

  88. Aaron Kelly

    Reality check morons every club was created “out of thin air” at some point. If by sheep you mean we “follow” our team blindly, where is the insult fool. Hate us if u want no doubt we hate u 2, and unless u r a Hawthorn fan, ya s&$t anyway.

  89. Colin Pavitt

    I’m still a Fitzroy supporter & always will be, it’s in my dna. I was however drafted in 2000 by my wife to follow Footscray which was not hard as I was brought up there. I couldn’t follow Brisbane because of how the merger was done !

  90. Brian Emmitt

    Why? Where is your logic? You must have reasons. Very interested to hear them.

  91. Sean Smallacombe

    Regardless of me already wanting to back over this moron in a truck, you’re disagreeing on irrelevant grounds. Read the article, it practically mentions your name and threatens you lol

  92. Billy Morán Aguilera

    Robbie O’sullivan some wise words for our mate Micky Galvin

  93. Ben Turner

    Grandads ashed were spread on the brunswick street oval the day before the roy boys last game.

  94. Matt Down

    None of those reasons apply to me Robert you potato, hence your arguments are as invalid as your sporting abilities.

  95. thecheese01

    Fitzroy here. Loved my Roys and was at their last ever game at Subi Oval. May have shed a couple. Embraced the Merger and was lucky enough to be at the G for 01 and 02 Grand Finals.

    Just stoked that Brisbane have embraced the Fitzroy era by sitting on the bottom.

  96. Paige Lee

    To my defence i did always support North Melbourne then Dennis Pagan and Cam left so i went for the Crows whilst i lived in Adelaide (couldnt go for Port even though Amelias being brainwashed by the fam to go for them). Think im just digging my hole deeper. U0001f631

  97. Steven Fennell

    You truly are a knob head don’t forget you have a bucks show coming up

  98. lyntonmanuel

    RauriDonkin TitusOReily I will write up the acceptable criteria…

  99. Alessia Faccini

    ‘Every true Port fan hated the Crows from the minute some marketing team pulled them out of thin air’ U0001f602

  100. Tom Evans

    Bridie O’Rotteveel I’m a Richmond supporter, and on behalf of the other 70k+ of us, we could all use a hug

  101. Tim Renwick

    If you’re 33 then you didn’t see much of the roys lets be honest. Can hardly call yourself a life supporter.
    I’m 46 and was on the ground every game in their last season and will stick with the maroon and blue and don’t have any time for people who change club in my opinion

  102. Andrew Lynn

    When you support a team you give them your all. Ride every bump, highs and lows. You live and breathe the club. The fact you could even consider changing teams led alone actually do it means you will never be a true fan as you don’t have it in you to be completely loyal. I hope this has helped explain it.

  103. Laura Johnston

    I read up to where Hawks supporters are awful shallow people then I gave up

  104. Sean Smallacombe

    “There’s a special place in hell for people like you” Titus O’Riely

  105. Tim Renwick

    Stick with us! Still horrified you actually considered Carlton since they’re the reason we went broke in the first place

  106. Alessia Faccini

    Troy Nisbet he’s completely disproved the point he was trying to makeU0001f602 – weareportadelaide

  107. Belinda Gangi

    It was because of an ex possesive husband!! Lol

  108. Laura Johnston

    You know that brief you want signed? I may just hold onto that one….U0001f61c

  109. Tim Renwick

    Crap! Carn the roys!! And a lot of us still stick with the crappy lions as it feels like home again with or wooden spoons lol

  110. Belinda Gangi

    The blues are my 2nd team anyway because half my family were carlton.and the other half fitzroyU0001f603

  111. RodatRodders

    TitusOReily I’ve released my son from his familial obligation to be a Dees supporter. Grandad would understand, may he r.i.p.

  112. SimonYarwood

    TitusOReily yes, when new to the country and don’t know better. But only once can you use the excuse

  113. Joe Mignone

    This piece is amazingly accurate. If footy is in your blood, you just can’t fault it!

  114. Tim Renwick

    Hope you’re happy with that? Serves yourself right U0001f61cU0001f61cU0001f61c

  115. Christopher W-Dorn

    What about other sports though? Eg all the people who supported the Bulls, then the Lakers, then the Cavs, then the Heat, then the Cavs and are now on the way to GSW? Or those who claim that they were a Man City supporter before they won the Premier League? (Nobody knew any City fans before they won the league)

  116. Troy Nisbet

    So repeated what Titus said and added that 1870 Is a joke. Well 1990 Is a joke.

  117. Tim Renwick

    I like the Dees by the way but they did get stuck in to us when we were struggling their supporters

  118. Jamie Porter

    Well it’s like this Brian. Remember when you were you young and were being potty trained? The first few times you wiped yourself it was probably messy and a bit…well you know. Then as you get older you got better at it and it just became normal. Now you reach for the paper and it is second nature. It’s good, things are working and you are in the groove. Now imagine changing hands and trying to wipe. It won’t be smooth and if you’re really unlucky you’ll get some pooh on your hand. That little bit of pooh is the regret and shame you should feel for ever considering changing hands. You don’t change bum wiping hands. Not. Ever.

  119. bluemalu

    TitusOReily Live in WA support the Hawks and could no way swap to the Eagles or Dockers when they started up

  120. Belinda Gangi

    Dash Laver would swap the 3 flags back to have Fitzroy back in the AFL!

  121. Dash Laver

    Fitzroy and South Melbourne supporters so far are the only ones that have had to make a choice as their team was removed from them. I don’t blame them for switching to help stop the pain and move on but I just couldn’t barrack for a team I had barracked against all my life!

  122. Tim Renwick

    Cannot believe how hard it is to convince my 10 year old boy to support the lions as he hasn’t gone through what I’ve gone through in my life and as an old Fitzroy boy he cannot comprehend why I barrack for an “interstate” side. Even my next door neighbour’s kid easily changed to Hawks from the poor Dee’s but I’m not giving up without a fight so this week a surprise junior membership turned up from Brisbane

  123. Jayden Knott

    Harrison Knott, you should have read this before you changed teams

  124. Cath Wallace

    David Wallace I seriously love this guy. So funny

  125. Poly Chickson

    As a Richmond supporter I tempted and given it a lot of thought. Sucker for punishment.

  126. Cath Wallace

    And im pretty sure if Dons fans can stick by their club through that whole saga other fans can handle losing a few games

  127. Marcel Louis

    So your son got drafted by another AFL side? While you must be proud, time to disown them.

  128. NickyVeitch

    meegiec TitusOReily I don’t see “Hodgey is hot” anywhere in that list?! 😉

  129. Lance Cameron

    Theres a special place in hell for you U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  130. Michael Doyle

    When your team appoints Mick Malthouse as coach? Absolutely.

  131. Michael Oldis

    I followed University when I was minus 80 but when my real life started I followed a team that has won as much silverware in my lifetime as University, if we’re not counting that famous 1987 preseason cup victory 😉

  132. Jamie Coombs

    The truth is those people that watched Adelaide games prior to 96 were never really crows supporters, they just wanted to watch footy. When the power came in they could support again. No need to ‘attend’ Adelaide games anymore.

  133. mikeythemoocow

    Should Shawn Hampson have dumped Megan Gale when she dumped Carlton and followed him to Richmond? It’s like the time my  girlfriend got deported back to England. I feel sorry for her and all, but no point both of us suffering.

  134. Will Devlin

    Feel your pain Andy. I was also a Roys supporter but now a long suffering demon…

  135. digitalwoch

    TitusOReily Graham Cornes can vouch for the rules, he openly despises Port Adelaide

  136. Anthony Frost

    Justin Hampton Rodney Simpson Dale Leonard Shaun Bartlett lol

  137. Thomas Clarke

    I actually loved it, especially the first reason

  138. Rachel Kelly

    Haha i liked the “well just leave your partner, it’s really that simple” line U0001f602 and then if your peers influence u that’s even worse. At least u love your partner U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  139. Jordan Wilson

    Fave bit was when it said “and why Western Bulldogs fans are the salt of the Earth.”

  140. Mark Jenkins

    As one of the blokes who started the Demon Alternative your comments sum up why we did it.
    Yes, Hawthorn has won a few premierships, yes they have 70,000 + members and of course, yes they have OUR James Frawley, but Poo Brown and Cats Piss Yellow are not the colors that a gentleman would wear!!
    It’s been a looooong life as a Demons supporter but would’t change it for anything.

  141. Phil Martin

    1. You have a child or sibling that gets signed to another team
    2. Your team folds)
    Anything else and you’re credibility from supporting the sport is completely diminished.

  142. Brad Green

    My brother switched Carlton in the 90s. What a flog!

  143. David Barr

    Probably OK if you’re a Melbourne supporter. Your friends will understand.

  144. chocandwine

    davel6830 Is that so? I’ll remind you of that next time you’re on a Hawks recruitment drive.

  145. Patrick Moller

    Cut me some slack I was like 7 years old U0001f602U0001f602

  146. AntJessie

    TitusOReily in the words of former pres Allan McAlister “if you used to barrack for Collingwood, you never did”

  147. Oscar Willis

    Ryan Girardin Eli Vervoorst Ash Murphy Tyler Adams
    Give this a look Haydn Liddell

  148. Ruth Santos

    U are lucky u all support the same team.. Except Josh Wanless who actually supports the right team 😉
    I don’t mind that James Howard & I follow different teams in footy.. But he better not have the same taste as Josh in soccer!! Haha..

  149. Malcolm Makkinga

    Fitzroy supporters should embrace what Brisbane has done. They have preserved and still modernised your colours, jumper, logo, song and playing standard.

  150. Tahirih Twyford

    Oh yeah I’d much prefer to follow Essendon than the back to back to back Premiers U0001f61c

  151. Robert Peluso

    Joshua as a crows supporter, I challenge you to a contest of intelligence. You may select the category and format of the contest, I will select the location and duration. I expect to hear from you within 24 hours over this medium. I will prove to you that your generalizations lack credibility and that your Facebook comment on a satirical article was a mistake. I look forward to hearing from you, may the best man win.

  152. Ruth Santos

    hahaha.. Ur luck will run out.. Or an insane discovery that the Hawks are the next saga!! Haha

  153. davel6830

    chocandwine your the only exception to the rule! U0001f44dU0001f44dU0001f3fe #HawthornAlways

  154. Alex Butler

    I grew up, never really supporting at all but cos most of my family supported West coast I always kept an eye on them. Then I move to Melbourne (from tassie) every one I know supported bulldogs. In 1 season I went to nearly all dogs home games, so basically started supporting them, but still have a soft spot for West coast… Is this ok?

  155. Adam Busby

    I thought about South but erred on the side that they just moved (whereas Fitzroy were absorbed..) I’m lucky, my last 30 odds years Ive been disappointed by the Tigers and not had the make this choice 😛

  156. Robert Peluso

    Oh wait, your Facebook page says you studied at the ‘school of life’. That sounds ridiculously accomplished. Did they make the ‘game of life’? I can’t compete with someone that attended that school. I regrettably concede the contest

  157. Chris Coleman

    More to the point when they appoint him after you’ve told them you won’t be a member as long as he’s there and they respond with an email promising “exciting times” that never eventuate…

  158. Nath Sharp

    Paul Lenartowicz did this. Scum
    Dave Hodges Craig Abbott

  159. Tahirih Twyford

    Either way we’ve won 4 cups in 8 years and for that I’m very lucky!

  160. David Evans

    Coodabeens say ok but not after age 11. I also advocate special dispensation if your team wants to play games in China.

  161. Leigh Hower

    Wez Hower why’d I automatically think of u ?? Haha

  162. Lachy Rutherford

    Daniel Strudwick Miah Shannon The gospel of the lord

  163. Ruth Santos

    yes, we both have teams that have won heaps of premierships.. Although we share equal first with Carlton on 16!! Only 4 more until u catch up 🙂 hahaha

  164. Rod Annear

    My mum and dad met on the way to a Melbourne game at the G in the late 50s. I was one when they won in ’64 – didnt get to celebrate much. Since then they have been bad, bad, worse, goodish, weird and embarrassing. I think I have enough character now. Please win a flag before i die.

  165. Phil Martin

    Considering your brother Sam Butler plays for them I reckon you get a pass..

  166. Alex Butler

    It’s called the Tassie factor… Must be taken into consideration on all decisions

  167. Damien Owen

    Cerin Josh Mick Did you guys know you can tag Timothy Lees in stuff in facebook?

  168. Tahirih Twyford

    Essendon and Carlton won some of theirs when there were far less clubs (only 8 teams in the league), so not a fair comparison. It was also only a state league, not a national one. Hawthorn didn’t even join the league until 30 years after Essendon. Learn your AFL/VFL history before sprouting off otherwise you’ll just look silly U0001f61b

  169. Matt Thomson

    William Hewett Mark Balestrin Zak Hutchinson – just follow the good teams boys

  170. Bonjour_Pippy

    TitusOReily No if bomber fans haven’t moved on, why should anyone else!

  171. Rodney Simpson

    It’s never ok….good one Anthony U0001f44dU0001f3fb

  172. Michael Stizza

    Xavier Leonard ey Matt Harvey Pat Hatch Tim Paul Ollie Purton-Smith

  173. Kate Seery

    Have I committed a cardinal sin? Layne Hall Matt Evans

  174. Sophie Taylor

    Neil Bibby David Bergan yes…. I know.. Family reasons U0001f606U0001f606

  175. Huge_spinner

    TitusOReily most did in WA with wce n dockers sure SA was the same. My family did. i couldn’t leave the saints didn’t even try.

  176. Layne Hall

    I have been telling you for a long time that it’s messed up

  177. danny_matthews1

    TitusOReily Different for NBA though. I know many people who seem to cheer for a different team every time the finals come around.

  178. David Perkins

    Essendon won’t win another premiership while the oceans remain salty with the tears of their fans.

  179. Andrew Gordon Boyle

    As a third generation demon supporter I feel your pain as well

  180. Andrew Lynn

    You were 9 years old and 2 people have liked this. Hahaha Ronnie Sparks

  181. leydenm

    TitusOReily never trust anyone who changes footy team, religion, political party or sexual orientation. Easy

  182. Matt Thomas

    Mick Maloney this is a good article, weren’t you originally a Bulldogs supporter?

  183. Tom Riordan

    I like his stuff but he doesn’t proofread it there’s always too many spelling and grammatical errors

  184. David Perkins

    Essendon fans claiming past premierships that were won by players who have been dead longer than most of us have been alive is like claiming you’re awesome because Igor Sikorsky invented the helicopter and his surname begins with the same letter as your own. It is basking in the glow of long dead embers.

  185. Zak Hutchinson

    It’s never a bad time if u get on the bandwagon

  186. Matthew Shannon

    Once the lions fold you blokes will be in the clear

  187. Shelley Mortimer

    Didn’t have to cry myself to sleep after 2007 so..

  188. Peter Suchecki

    Q. What is the definition of true love?
    A. When your partner changes team and follows yours.

  189. Greg McIntosh

    What are these ‘other sports’ of which this person speaks?

  190. Lucy Rose

    Jim Amanda Jack Lori “Supporting a bad team is character building. It makes you a deeper and more interesting person than someone who has only known good times. It’s why Hawks fans are all shallow, awful people and Western Bulldogs fans are the salt of the Earth”

  191. LWM3121

    I’ll give a pass if you’re a woman who starts dating a player.

  192. Bridie O'Rotteveel

    Coming from a mixed family, Melbourne /Essendon, i find this quite alarming. 9yo, pub, pool table, school teacher. You may have had a miss spent youth but nothing is ever worth considering the Dons.

  193. Kyle Dalmau

    Know anyone who changed teams? Daniel Slevison Shaun Bergin Luke Van Meel Anthony Soccio Daniel Platt?

  194. sefdog77

    TitusOReily Only if you get a brain transplant…..then maybe! Oh and Richmond have to be your new team!

  195. David Perkins

    Further to my above quote: Premierships since August 1961: Essendon 6 Hawthorn 13. Nothing like a good stat.

  196. Sokhann Pheach

    Dani Hammond didn’t I see you in Geelong gear not long ago?

  197. Nick Davis

    Very good. Just don’t jump on the Hawks thanks Franky we don’t need you weighing us down now we are on a roll.

  198. Eamon Mannix

    Daniel Haysom hey look there’s someone worse off then me

  199. Jack Levey

    Could not agree more – especially about the hawks fans. I am immune to disappointment from being a Doggies fan – except when it came to Bob’s knee.

  200. Ollie Purton-Smith

    Swans this week because they are on top, will have to re assess after the round

  201. Ryan Hammond

    Daniel Ryan if it means seeing 9 flags in 30 years, I say go for it!

  202. Ian Cohen

    Haha – Thanks Shiney. I was off in 1996 after the ‘merger’ which was basically a great and proud team being shipped off without ceremony because the authorities deemed it so. Disappointing. I still reckon the Lions triple premiership team is one of the best I have ever seen, and I was overjoyed for those with Fitzroy connections like Johnno and Brownie. But it is very hard to convince young kids to barrack for a team two states away, they get to see live 6-7 times a year and cannot go and watch train. Long live the Roys.

  203. James R Coventry

    There is nothing permanent except change. Heraclitus

  204. Chris Shine

    Lol . . Yeah I get it re the train but as a Geelong resident my kids are inspired by the fact they still get free room and accommodation based on their support of my Lions . . . But its a battle. . . Hope you’re well champ!

  205. David Tassone

    You can up to the age of 14 yeh Sean Abela? Daniel Coppola Adam Benich

  206. Matt Aidan

    Gotta be the great club of all time the Darwin dingos

  207. Alexander Watling

    Joshua Lynn does he mean it’s wrong to change more than twice per quarter?

  208. Matthew McKenzie

    What if you barrack for Essendon? Can you change then? (Don’t get me wrong, I barrack for the Dogs).

  209. Scott Amos

    Sharon Louise Smith, Damien Ryde I’m interested in your thoughts….

  210. Richard Lawley

    Yeah but when you support a team from overseas in a different competition that you will never go and watch that’s different to supporting and loving your local team

  211. Richard Lawley

    Or it just gives you a chip on the shoulder 🙂

  212. Sharon Louise Smith

    Scott, blah blah blah….. Not read it… Off to bed x

  213. Andrew Charlton

    Jonathan Charlton – This article was written for you Patch.

  214. Ruth Santos

    Haha.. We still have the most premierships.. Haha.. I love a good fun rivalry 😉
    That’s why having 2 teams in a family is worth it 🙂

  215. Phil Poursanidis

    What about if you grow up barracking for one team but you get drafted to play for another? Once you finish playing for that club, are you allowed to continue barracking for that club or do you need to go back?

  216. Maree Phillips

    I barracked for Fitzroy, so couldnt follow Brisbane and decided to choose between Richmond Melbourne and Hawthorn. Best decision ever. Go Hawks.

  217. Michael Andrew Parker

    Chloe Kewell point 1…. Remember we’re the greatest team of all

  218. McintyreMaria

    TitusOReily certainly agree, our children were brainwashed into being Adelaide_FC supporters

  219. Michael Meyer

    I changed at in ’88 at the age of 7 from collingwood to the Hawks, thank Christ for that U0001f61cU0001f44dU0001f609U0001f3c6U0001f3c6U0001f3c6U0001f3c6U0001f3c6U0001f3c6U0001f3c6

  220. Teresa Glenn

    You can’t switch teams….ever….not ever. Nor should you be a fair weather supporter, that’s nearly as bad. In fact, that is as bad…..

  221. Barbara Griffiths

    Dear Dad. Thank you for making me a Hawks tragic. Sorry I didn’t speak to you for a few rough merger-talk years there. Stuck it out and humble pie is cyrilicious U0001f44dU0001f44dU0001f3fe

  222. Ian Cohen

    Chris Shine All good here mate. Lets hope both teams get a wriggle on this year!

  223. James McGuire

    Stephen Brooks JT Tregenza is this article suitable for Ryan Armes

  224. ThemAgain1

    TitusOReily they disappoint me so severely but if the Demons ever folded I would cry for a week and denounce The AFL as my passion.

  225. George Gaylard

    Hope you’re more loyal in the armed forces…haha.

  226. Nicolas Lukies

    “Western Bulldogs fans are the salt of the earth” Will Mallett

  227. Christopher W-Dorn

    There’s nothing wrong with having soft spots for teams that are doing well and have exciting players, but how difficult is it to pick 1 team and stick with them?? In international sports you get the freedom of not being bound by a specific region and aren’t usually pressured into a specific team.
    People who just change teams based on who is winning are a joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously regardless of where the team is! Especially when they lie and try to cover up that they are on the bandwagon.

  228. James Mitchell

    Id love to follow the hawks but there’s a 5 month waiting list pending premiership results.

  229. sjrarnold

    TitusOReily SA residing Bombers supporter for 30+ years. Drugs thing pushed me. I’ve been part of the Port family now for 3 years U0001f350

  230. Willie Bee

    Hehe U0001f913 Tiger Ciaran O’Brien Sam Healey Timothy Kevin Jarrod Balme

  231. PowerBug96

    TitusOReily there’s photos of me in crows gear until I was 6, then got a brain and chose Port. blame my parents for allowing it, not me 😉

  232. mblandthorn

    TitusOReily went away for a week return 10yo daughter now pies fan. Wife still resents that I packed my daughters bags & told her to leave

  233. Massimo Tocci

    Old South Melbourne and Fitzroy supporters are the only ones that have the option of staying in this state, switching codes or following the team interstate. For everyone else choose wisely, for unlike the actual players you have to be loyal until death.

  234. Andrew Vanderzeil

    I went to North because that’s what Fitzroy wanted.

  235. DavidPerkins1

    Hawthorn fans are among the long suffering.  1950 winless.  Not many have lived through that kind of year.  Feel for us Titus, don’t envy us.

  236. RhombusHatesYou

    TitusOReily It should be part of every background check. Do we want people who have changed teams working with children? Or at all?

  237. Jim Allen

    Agreed – a very character building process. Carn the dogs!

  238. Ashlea Armstrong

    Sharon Armstrong, Ellina Anne Armstrong, Teagen Armstrong, Jessica Charles U0001f602U0001f602 this is great!!

  239. Cameron Nash

    Josh, remind you of anyone
    *cough* Luke changing from Collingwood to Gold Coast *cough*

  240. David Perkins

    More premierships but most earned before hawthorn were in the comp. That’s like an older brother laughing at a younger brother because he’s taller, despite the younger brother being taller than he was at that age.

  241. KyliePyatt

    Happy I resisted the lure of the Crows. Got a much better deal sticking with my team anyway

  242. Mick Doherty

    He blocked me mate. Not even friends anymore on FB. He got to precious.

  243. Steve Townsend

    “Supporting a bad team is character building. It makes you a deeper and more interesting person than someone who has only known good times. It’s why Hawks fans are all shallow, awful people and Western Bulldogs fans are the salt of the Earth” obviously very short memories Titus.. Hawks were not always a Juggernaut team nearly merged with your pathetic Melbourne.

  244. Bill Oliver

    Fitzroy supporter now Brisbane supporter. How could I support another Victorian club after they sat back, watched and to a point help the AFL rape and destroy my club.
    I spent 20 years supporting the Roy’s and learnt to hate the rest

  245. Adam Chaplin

    It’s ok to change if you used to follow Carlton. lol

  246. Tim Nooteboom

    Maintain plenty of space on the tiger train mate

  247. Tom L White

    Nothing wrong with a backflip so long as you land in the right place mate.

  248. Jeanette McCulloch

    Even if you have a child or sibling who is recruited to an opposition team, you should still remain loyal to your own team. By all means follow your family members team, but don’t give up your original team, after all, your family member won’t be playing for ever.

  249. Chris Scutt

    Aaron Mastrogiacomo, who was that Adrian bloke…?

  250. heater031

    TitusOReily what about Adelaide_FC blatantly lie and cheat to suit their own needs and treat the SANFL like a play thing….

  251. Anne Williams

    Nah! I got good friends who’s sons or family
    Members play for other teams, they stick with their original teams and just hVe a soft spot for their relatives teams.

  252. Melinda Cain

    Scott Cain – for a raspberry it’s ok, yeah? Lmao

  253. Matt Hill

    Errrr…No…You can change your religion change your name. Hell, you could even change the spots on a leopard, for all I care…But you can’t change your team

  254. Michael Leon

    Juliet Austin
    This also applies to code swaps. Take note please!

  255. Trees Corkish

    I’ve got three game memberships for each this year. I’m thinking I’ll push for that again next year but I might have to give in to my dad… Also I’m very impressed that you managed to find my name to tag me 😛

  256. Trees Corkish

    But to be fair, the Swans did abandon Western Sydney as an area and continue to disparage us so I’ve gotta feel some sort of pride for the place that I’ve lived all my life!

  257. Gareth Davies

    Im hoping your dad doesn’t swap teams willy nilly 😛
    Yep haha, the good ole AYCC keeps popping your new name up

  258. Brad Fishwick

    It’s never okay to switch sides,even if u want out of Collingwood but that’s just because no other club wants u

  259. Trees Corkish

    I thought it was an appropriate name, since it is the phonetic pronunciation of my full name (Terese).

  260. Trees Corkish

    Dad doesn’t swap teams, his issue is that he’s been a Geelong supporter his whole life, so when he came to live in Sydney, he took me to Sydney games because that was the only option without environmentally destructive travel!

  261. lyntonmanuel

    RauriDonkin now to find tickets for Saturday’s game 😉

  262. Trees Corkish

    And they have been my team for a long long time, but it’s hard to support a team when they abandon you and your area for a stupidly designed stadium with no decent public transport to pander to the eastern suburbs snobs!

  263. Bill Dusting

    VFA Prahran was above all. Then I read they once had a merger with St Kilda.

  264. Ian Burcher

    Maybe Phil Hulbert should read this.. Jase Gabriel Mark Riddell

  265. Glen Buller

    Spot on Bill. To see a foundation club get treated the way the Roys did is the saddest thing that could ever happen. Grow up hating other clubs in Melb so it was not possible to support another Melb side.

  266. Jack Cranstoun

    Jack Vernon good read. Titus know how to put one word in front of another.

  267. Gareth Davies

    That sounds like a great sydney cats rivalry right there! But don’t give up on us cos of public transport or you’ll have to give up on sydney altogether! 😛

  268. Jack Vernon

    Not bad at all. But I don’t quite agree with the Hawks supporters thing they didn’t have it easy 10 years ago their supporters earned the right to enjoy it

  269. Blake Thomson

    I switched teams this year- made the move from Essendon to the Benidgo Bombers.

  270. Greg Belleville

    Be honest it’s the song that sealed the deal. Haha.

  271. Timothy Lees

    Multiple warnings…some of the schmack I was getting tagged in was sickening .. I’m a primary teacher now

  272. Matt Crowe

    I used to think know. Being a supporter of a team, then moving to Sydney I am now a foundation Giants member. AFL has made it so players can change easily, where you followed a team in the past because of a player in most instances. How many Geelong supporters would have left if ablett snr left in his prime to Essendon? I think it’s fine now. I didn’t, but now I think it’s fine.

  273. Joshua Mosey

    Robert Peluso how to pick a fleece, class it into its correct category. How’s that.

  274. Brodie Fraser-Glen

    I think this is the 1st. I feel like I was born a giant stuck inside a magpie body

  275. Joshua Mosey

    By the way, I am south Aussie through and through. One thing I don’t tolerate is stabbing someone in the back. That’s what the sandlot did to port Adelaide. Born the crows. That’s my gripe. I will not support a team born from that.

  276. Jack Glen

    It’s an absolute joke how people change teams!! Brodie Fraser-Glen Daniel Glen

  277. Noni Primrose

    I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. I have just given this a mental shake to see how I would feel, and I felt faint. Besides, who could I follow? We have running rivalries with all of them!

  278. Cerin Shepherdson

    Timothy Lees have you met Mick Doherty good bloke.

  279. Josh Mifsud

    I’m glad you saw this to that is exactly what went through my head when I read this yesterday

  280. Juliet Austin

    Alas young Michael Leon it doesn’t count if you stop watching either code in general!

  281. Brodie Fraser-Glen

    Since I responded to you I have been tagged twice more

  282. Ranald Urquhart

    Dylan Urquhart A funny read. I love the last one about Fitzroy

  283. Penny Van Bergen

    No, she’s supported Sydney since before she was born

  284. Scott Cain

    Lol yes soft drink is the accepted reason for changing U0001f602

  285. Robyn Hay

    That goes for Husband’s as well Paul Oliphant – gosh have to get your priorities right….!

  286. Natalie Scales

    Linda this is what Nathan and I are talking about haha

  287. Alex O'Keeffe

    Dylan – he missed “when you don’t legitimately support ‘your team’ in the first place”

  288. Dylan Gomer

    Haha you flog… Just worry about booing that kurt guy who crow supporters still whinge about. Brad ‘the replacement’ crouch will save you though….. Oh wait U0001f62c

  289. Russell Waters

    Shouldn’t this apply to players too? In which case, why have that tedious draft process after each season?

  290. Sophie Galer

    I followed Essendon for 6 weeks when we first moved to Australia. All the kids at school went for the Bombers and I just followed. To be honest, I didn’t actually know what the word “barrack” meant. I’ve been a Melbourne supporter ever since. I showed them U0001f633

  291. Sophie Galer

    I am incredibly jealous of your good fortune. Do premierships get less mind-blowing the more you win?

  292. Sophie Galer

    Andy, back of M3 at half time. Let us buy you a beer U0001f37a

  293. Ellina Anne Armstrong

    This is pure gold! Absolutely hilarious U0001f602U0001f602

  294. Sean-Paul Stephens

    Karen Kushinsky Bulldogs fans – salt of the earth

  295. Jessica Charles

    “Child plays for an AFL team
    So your son got drafted by another AFL side? While you must be proud, time to disown them.” Hahaha!

  296. Tahirih Twyford

    Sophie Galer no, they’re all just as awesome and they taste sweeter given how anti Hawthorn every other supporter is becoming

  297. Sophie Galer

    Tahirih – I often dream about just winning one. It makes me quite teary. Make sure you have a drink for me when you next win. As a Melbourne supporter, I’m fairly sure your next premiership will be before ours! U0001f609

  298. Hugo Von Winterhalter

    It’s only acceptable if you’ve followed a team in the VFL and then you get your own team in your capital city when the AFL was formed and you can finally tell the Vics to keep their rubbish.

  299. Chris Fleetwood

    Yep change from AFL to real football and be part of the global football family

  300. Mark Brogan

    I moved to Melbourne from Sydney in 1988, having never seen an AFL game; somehow I ended up following Richmond, no idea why. Probably the office where I worked required me to have a team and they looked the most needy. I moved back to Sydney 2 yrs later and followed Sydney and now a 20 year member. I claim special dispensation, as I don’t really think Tigers were truly my team, and nobody really knew Sydney had an AFL team in 1988. Please add this to list of excuses.

  301. Helen Sonia Perkins

    I did 55years ago, became a hawk supporter, never looked back.

  302. Ashlea Armstrong

    Pretty much what I said the other day Jessica! U0001f602U0001f602 hahaha

  303. Ashlea Armstrong

    Pretty much what I said the other day Jessica! U0001f602U0001f602 hahaha

  304. Craig Turner

    James Simpson Troy Tremayne Clinton Gray best article U0001f602

  305. Craig Turner

    James Simpson Troy Tremayne Clinton Gray best article U0001f602

  306. Daniel Coppola

    Don’t u dare try claim the 99 granny Sean, Dennis tells me u were a pie then

  307. Cameron Evans

    Children choose teams based on who they like and even then I think the fact they’ve been allowed to choose one at all reflects poorly on their parents

  308. Tahirih Twyford

    Oh Sophie I think everyone in the league has a soft spot for the demons. Thank you

  309. Mark Little

    Jordan Duggan Joshua Shayne Ryan Hislop Nathan Woodford this can be applied to nrl as well as afl haha

  310. Mark Little

    In particular Ryan Hislop ditching the doggies to hop on the Broncos train and Jordan Duggan ditching Carlton to I think go for north Melbourne now haha wtf?

  311. Mark Little

    Haha man that’s one of the reasons and it’s not acceptable

  312. Nathan Woodford

    Mark secretly wants to support the Broncs U0001f61c

  313. Ryan Hislop

    Defo think it is acceptable. Come jump ship Mark Little

  314. Mark Little

    Nah I’m loyal to my teams couldn’t deal with not supporting them hahah

  315. Ryan Hislop

    Haha true, I was never that passionate about them anyways!!

  316. arwon

    TitusOReily a subset of the expansion bit is if your SANFL team was elevated – then you already had two teams so *had* to pick one

  317. nigelicious

    TitusOReily we will still maintain our current level of respect if you jump off the Dees m8

  318. TimMcLardy

    TitusOReily what do you reckon AlArmstrong1? jnewta

  319. benmon232

    TitusOReily “It’s why Hawks fans are all shallow, awful people and Western Bulldogs fans are the salt of the Earth.”

  320. ParkvilleGeek

    TitusOReily I can’t imagine any circumstances justifying this action… Maybe if you club picked up a mad sports scientist

  321. Richard Volker

    No. One wallows in the misery forever. We are th….. U0001f62d

  322. merchantofshite

    TitusOReily ahem, if I may:

  323. andyjruns

    TitusOReily best effort yet mate. Say that as a Carlton supporter living in Canberra, passing on the inheritance to 3 innocent boys

  324. FrankWCE1992

    TitusOReily Freos entire supporter base is made up of people who changed AFL teams

  325. Colquhoun75

    TitusOReily As a Melbourne supporter living in WA this is a true and accurate article

  326. 25MMCC

    TitusOReily Never. A fairy dies every time someone changes teams!

  327. David Fisher

    Adam El-Ansary haha the headline was all I was really using for a bit of a gee up

  328. Patrick Finlay

    Is it Ben what you blokes reckon Adam Robinson James Leahy Tom Jones

  329. Anne Williams

    Greg Belleville based on the traditional song of the Volga boatman and paired with the colour… They had me! 🙂

  330. pivotubi

    TitusOReily when you were a richmond supporter, then support swans when they were crap.

  331. KRUDLER62

    TitusOReily it is with Smithersss and he goes with our full 100% did I mention 100% blessing. Good riddance to very bad rubbish #taadaaaaa

  332. John James

    I’ve barracked for Melbourne since 1973 and it’s never even entered my head to change teams,football clubs are like family,you support them through good times and bad.

  333. johndjames

    I’ve barracked for Melbourne since 1973 and it’s never even entered my head to change teams.Football clubs are like family,you support them through the good times and the bad.

  334. Jane Mariager

    Haha! I changed teams from collingwood to sydney as thats who my partner follows. At the time sydney was also packed full of dead set legends, kirky, goosey, bazza, micky o etc, so I think understandable U0001f609 Although i still do sometimes get called a dirty turncoat!

  335. Matt Koleczko

    I dont see an option for; your team is investigated for the potential inappropriate use of supplements, of which the the golden boy/coach is “shocked”. Crisis meeting. CEO steps down, may as well wear a sign that reads guilty. Crisis meeting. Previous players weigh in, who cares, not relevant. Crisis meeting. Current players also “shocked” at allegations. To be fair I squarely blame the club, but personal due diligence and responsibility has to come into play. Crisis meeting. Team stripped of finals and draft picks and fined. Crisis meeting. Hird accepts 12 month ban. Crisis meeting. Crisis meeting. Crisis meeting. 34 past and present players banned. Crisis meeting. Team doctor banned for life. Crisis meeting. Coach returns from ban but resigns in the best interest of the club. Crisis meeting.

  336. johndjames

    Come on you have had it pretty good since Melbourne’s last flag you have won in 1971-76-78-83-86-88-89-91-2008-13-14-15.Let me Know if I left any out,since I did it off the top of my head.

  337. Micky Galvin

    What are you on about billy that would be most freo supports. Also Robbie was an Eagles fan and now is a freo dockers. Dork

  338. Travis Brock

    Jamie Priest Nikita Lane NO ITS NOT! U0001f602 and you can only have one!! U0001f61b

  339. Patten_General

    TitusOReily didnt have a team till the Giants #NeverSurrender

  340. Trudy Berryman

    Chose the Hawks in 1983 as an 11yr old. As a South Aussie, when the crows were formed didn’t know what to do. Their first game, Hawthorn. The whole pub was excited when the crows one that game. Except me, my decision was finalised, my blood is Brown and Gold. Hawthorn, Always. My tatt proves it. Come 1996, almost merged, would’ve followed the new club.

  341. PaullusNonGrata

    TitusOReily I did at age 12, does that count?

  342. RhombusHatesYou

    xcircax TitusOReily Never, under any circumstances, can you have a second team. Splitting your loyalties is worse than changing them.

  343. bimmyjartel

    PaullusNonGrata TitusOReily yes up until 15 I will tolerate.

  344. fayed47

    I hold to the Fitzroy clause.  My team were killed off, and I didn’t really follow anyone for a year or so, and then I picked Geelong as my father was born there and followed them.  I do hope this is alright Titus, as I thoroughly agree with all you say.

  345. PaullusNonGrata

    bimmyjartel TitusOReily besides I think I made a wise decision 😉

  346. rogbaggs

    That’s why all true West Coast supporters loathe Fremantle followers who were born before 1995. Traitors, and not very smart, the lot of them. Those born since 1995 are just deserving of our pity.

  347. RhombusHatesYou

    arwon TitusOReily Not if the ‘other’ team was the Crows, Titus already covered that.

  348. arwon

    RhombusHatesYou TitusOReily my family are Port ppl. We had Swans/Port and Hawks/Port split allegiance post 1997

  349. RhombusHatesYou

    arwon TitusOReily Standard expansion clause would apply then… Although what’s this about ‘split allegiance’? Not ‘2nd teamers’ I hope.

  350. arwon

    RhombusHatesYou TitusOReily it took me about 5 years to coalesce back as a Swans fan. My mum ended up Port. My sister Hawks.

  351. arwon

    RhombusHatesYou TitusOReily if you already support teams in two comps and then one moves into the other comp – gets complex

  352. RhombusHatesYou

    arwon TitusOReily I avoided that issue by never having supported an AFL team until Port joined the competition.

  353. arwon

    RhombusHatesYou TitusOReily yeah my dad was like that, but the rest of us aren’t even from SA. Just lived Ade at points. Military family.

  354. Faye Dapiran

    Not quite sure if you are trying to be funny regarding preserving the playing standard????

  355. Malcolm Makkinga

    Party funny because it is a satirical page and partly serious because they have Daniel Merrett.

  356. OmenIV

    I met a sad, deluded Richmond supporter on Saturday night who started barracking for them in ’86 after Fitzroy were shunted off. He said he followed Richmond because he wanted to follow a successful team!

  357. Shane Spencer

    So if all those supporters who previously supported VFL teams & changed to support Crows, Power, Eagles, Freo, GWS & Gold Coast & Brisbane had not changed how would the AFL look!!

  358. Tom Mowbray

    Titus, thank you for this. Being a life long Carlton supporter, and having had all pre-season hopes dashed by round three for the fifteenth year in a row I felt the faintest stirring of doubt in my faith. But now I can rest easy in the sure knowledge that remaining loyal despite any real hope of being able to celebrate any victory, is the true path.

  359. RauriDonkin

    lyntonmanuel #welcometothespectacular don’t know who’s is worse.

  360. RhombusHatesYou

    SpAnRu TitusOReily Organise a trade immediately. Either them trading teams or you trading partners works.

  361. Raph Kardachi

    Similar to letting your kids choose their team. My kids had freedom and choice to barrack for and support any team they wished to. Only catch was that they’d be free to choose where else to live if they didn’t pick Collingwood.

  362. Micky Galvin

    No he doesn’t read about the Adelaid and port Adelaid. Same as dockers and eagle

  363. Allan Cook

    Marcus Rose Shane Ratcliffe Nadia Rose….you all HAVE TO READ THIS….

  364. Jake Seeman

    This is brilliant Emma Seeman Adam Keane Benjamin Engelhardt

  365. Adam La Porta

    Brett Meyers always Hawthorne….(oh and North Melbourne)

  366. MacHawk

    I hate you now ! I don’t care how much truth was in this piece. You insulted me – me, whose family suffered through the Hawthorn dark ages from 1925 on until finally rewarded for our faith. When did you start supporting Melbourne? Tell me !! 1960 perhaps ??
    Yeah, I bet you were a bandwagoner, you cynical, abusive piece of …..of…..of……of….of…. but the rest of the article was spot on.

  367. Jake Newnham

    I say get on the Shanghai Seagulls 2020. Kochie will make it happen

  368. Rory Whittaker

    Most people who support those teams now supported local WAFL, SANFL, QFL (rugby) previously…. Nobody cared for vfl

  369. Nadia Rose

    Ha ha, this article is a perfect example of why I don’t like footy……

  370. Martin Watts

    Chris Cooper, some essential reading for Nicola Petit?

  371. Nicola Petit

    It was a proper well thought out reasoned decision that took some time.

  372. Greg Belleville

    My dad couldn’t follow brissie. But for me it was a case of ” follow a team I’ve always hated ie other clubs. No.
    Brissie had 12 players or so from Fitzroy , the lion symbol which I’d always known. I guess if they’d kept the koala symbol I would have become a power fan. They were the new emerging club.

  373. Tim Renwick

    They pretty much got me back in board when they won the wooden spoon on 98, it felt like Fitzroy again. Making the prelims in 1999 was a most exciting year and I was stoked with that. As for other Victorian clubs, well they were either raping us off the field or on the field with poaching players and they made sure the afl sent us north and no kangas merge so how forkful you support one of them? Carlton, Collingwood and Richmond the worst offenders. Ironically the Melbourne supporters were the harshest to us during a brief merger talk with them

  374. Greg Belleville

    Tim Renwick Collingwood were very obliging. ” yes we’ll put a tiny lion on the shorts and then rape your list and take the cash ”
    I can’t believe it didn’t go ahead.
    Yes I kn hate the pies.

  375. Timothy Linnell

    So James Battye, which part of this said you could change from richmond to collingwood when they were on the rise? Clayton Gubbels Mitch Graham Gavin Perera Dylan Cleven Jack Sharlassian Lawrence Carlei

  376. James Battye

    I went for richmond when I was like 4 years old coz my uncle made me. I’m a pies support at heart and always will be

  377. bomberdi

    TitusOReily Well written …NO! and the supporters who change to follow the team that just won premiership … oh pleaseU0001f626

  378. jimmeh

    I’ve changed teams once in my life. Barracked for Port Adelaide when I was a kid (live in SA), but switched to the Bulldogs when a relative of mine got drafted to them. He no longer plays for them, but I’m still a die hard doggies fan and will be for the rest of my life.

  379. Pete Postlethwaite

    Changing teams is quite common for NRL fans in Sydney. This behaviour is acceptable for NRL supporters, not acceptable for AFL fans under any circumstances.

  380. Big Dog DT

    Was Fitzroy till 96. Have dabbled with potential suitors but nothing’s felt the same since the death of my Royboys. Now that I have a son he has until the end of Grade 2 to pick a side. Hopefully he follows someone decent so I can jump on with him.

  381. MattCorcoran

    This manifests in SA as people who have always supported non-Port Adelaide local teams such as Glenelg, Sturt etc becoming Port Power supporters in the AFL. This is a travesty and anyone who does so should be fed to the Lions

  382. David

    And it’s gold when the loyalty finally pays off! Moved to Sydney at the age of 9 but could never leave the Bulldogs. After many years of pain – and a lot of sh!t from Sydney supporters – it all became worth it. And all the sweeter for the hard luck stories over the years. Wouldn’t have felt the same if I’d just jumped on a bandwagon – not to say it didn’t cross my mind once or twice. Fortunately it never crossed my heart.

    You are right – it is NEVER okay to change AFL teams, with the exception of the Fitzroy clause.

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