Essendon: We could handle the injections but not the losing

Essendon Chairman Paul Little has announced James Hird’s resignation saying the injection program, numerous legal cases, suing the club’s insurer and pro-France views could all be tolerated but not losing.

“Look, injecting players with stuff we don’t know about is bad but it’s not losing regularly by 100 points,” said Mr Little.

“Remember, I extended Hird’s contract despite the fact he’d just been suspend. I even sent him to France for a year and bought him a business degree.

“While I said there were complex factors behind this decision it was really because we were losing.

“Do you think I’d have moved him on if we were 13-6 and about to play finals? You must be high.”

Paul Little said he himself would stay on until the WADA appeal had concluded, which on past form could be until the end of time.

“Of course I could go now but we need stability at the club because if there’s one thing I’ve provided it’s stability.”

“We’ve been stable at rock bottom throughout my chairmanship. That’s actually quite hard to do.”

The settlement between Essendon and James Hird is confidential but is believed to include non-disparagement clauses, a sun bed, the French province of Touraine, 20,000 ‘Stand by Hird’ posters and heaps of money.

It’s believed Essendon are keen to find a new senior coach who is less litigious and has a basic grasp of coaching at AFL level.

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  1. whatevsAU

    TitusOReily on an unrelated note, I would love to have Paul Little as a granddad. I dunno, he seems like a caring dude.

  2. WCJoey12

    TitusOReily Malthouse is available. Pretty sure he likes wine

  3. BaronBaron15

    TitusOReily gowland_ben it’s now Neeld’s time to rise again !!! #DUDSPUD

  4. Simon Gray

    How on earth do you have time for this? You must’ve been sitting on this for two years.

  5. Bonjour_Pippy

    TitusOReily Couldn’t have a better mentor, do you think Hird was hinting to him for a job?

  6. Aaron Grogs

    Would like to see a tim/jobe watson joint ticket nominate for the position

  7. holdsteadygirl

    TitusOReily one of your best. sunbed. posters. U0001f44fU0001f44fU0001f44f

  8. whatevsAU

    TitusOReily … but now reading the article, I’m like- “hmmmm, maybe not” 😛

  9. PennyGubby

    TitusOReily losing is unforgiveable, but an ass full of concrete is ok #afl #hird

  10. Jarrad Garrick

    Goodes no longer booed, Essendon sacks Hird – Titus O’Reily article output drops by 80%

  11. Michael Sabell

    Little still reminds me of Robocop without his helmet on.

  12. Joanne Everett

    Under the bed doona. So warm but when you have to get out so cold!

  13. Roi Apostolopoulos

    He reminds me of the Mask without the green colour….

  14. Roi Apostolopoulos

    Don’t 4get Goddard, he might have a sook if u do

  15. Stel Haranas

    This club is run by a bunch of muppets. Andrew Walpole Evan Haranas

  16. Sean Percy

    Dimitri Bourandanis Leo Cooleo Fabian Lapolla possibly the best one yet. Haha.

  17. MichaelLalor

    You forgot about Eddie “I want the headlines” McGuire asking the AFL to extend the equalisation to Collingwood because they’re not going to make the finals this season.

  18. MichaelLalor

    There’s nothing so amusing as a sacked AFL Coach saying it was his decision to leave. Nobody voluntarily walks the plank.

  19. roosterrowe

    TitusOReily oh was it against the rules to inject??? #criminal

  20. robbiepoker

    holdsteadygirl TitusOReily I must say both your teams do handle the losing rather well.

  21. holdsteadygirl

    robbiepoker TitusOReily grace under pressure my friend. great quality of classy folk.

  22. robbiepoker

    holdsteadygirl TitusOReily very true, Milney was just telling me that the other day.

  23. robbiepoker

    holdsteadygirl yeah but we are all narcissists, so what did you expect? “Grace Under Pressure”?

  24. Jai Russell

    Bumble Marquis
    Ship Elliman
    Weekend warrior McCashney

  25. Brock McCashney

    You should have been a doctor. Pretty good needler Jai Russell U0001f602U0001f602

  26. Penny Beitzel

    This time next week there will be no record that Hird was ever at the club. “Heard who? Never Hird of him.”

  27. Michael Sabell

    He sure as hell didn’t say that to Hirdy today.

  28. Brady Greene

    Carlton, Melbourne and Essendon still play for another three weeks, Richmond have a first week finals exit to look forward to. short term forecast is good.

  29. martydownunder

    TitusOReily Players were cleared of doping Titus but keep slandering.

  30. al_field

    martydownunder TitusOReily holding on by his fingernails to this Marty

  31. tronz83

    TitusOReily you had me at pro-france views U0001f602U0001f602

  32. DemonPatch

    martydownunder TitusOReily Remember you can have banter, but not slander. #strategy

  33. mjmcgeary94

    TitusOReily according to your 2030 article o he”ll be back about 6 times. And yes I have a life :p

  34. a66burga

    TitusOReily It should have been a plebiscite ? EssendonFC #Hird

  35. Wayne Reilly

    Did he really say losing by 100points is worse than injecting players with drugs. And he is the president of the club.

  36. CellinoFactor

    DemonPatch martydownunder TitusOReily Hey Marty I hope you do better at your work than the quality of your tweets suggests.

  37. TigerAncient

    martydownunder TitusOReily if they are cleared by the CAS they will be innocent. Until then, the jury is out.

  38. Mick_EFC

    Dear god what a clusterf__k! Never would have guessed it would end up like this, Hird seemed like such a cleanskin. But I agree with Bomber, until all who oversaw this mess are gone the club would always be tainted so I’m glad Hird’s gone…now Little needs to walk the plank.

  39. Paul Brown

    Yes but they chose to inject the players with drugs, they didn’t chose to lose game after game.

  40. DavidC151

    TitusOReily too many people keeping proper records of their losses.

  41. Freoval

    Everything you say is true. The headline cuts to the chase. If they were winning,  Hird would still be there regardless of the injections that he organised.

  42. NotBombay

    TitusOReily My name has come up as a potential coaching replacement. I am a championship winning coach with impeccable legal credentials.

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