Dustin Fletcher to be preserved at Melbourne Museum

Essendon star Dustin Fletcher will be stuffed and mounted at the Melbourne Museum following the final round of the season it has been announced.

The initiative comes after Fletcher played his 400th game this season and finishes his career after the final round. A decision on whether he will play is yet to be decided.

Dr Patrick Greene, CEO Museum Victoria said the 400 gamer would be featured at a state-of-the-art display that would honour his great career.

“What a great tribute this will be to one of the great AFL stories,” said Dr Greene.

“To make it as lifelike as possible, we’ll have a taxidermist at the final round, to ensure he is preserved just like we remembered him.

“We’ll have him on display in a glass box within hours of him finishing his career, right next to Phar Lap.”

However, not everyone has reacted positively to the plan with some calling for the plan to not go ahead.

Essendon footballer Dustin Fletcher says the idea is ‘horrible’ and said he was actually looking forward to a life after football.

“Being stuffed and mounted the minute I finish my footy career is just ghoulish. What is wrong with you people?”

“I don’t even like media interviews, why would I want to be on display for all time? Get one of those wax figures if you have to.”

Former coach Kevin Sheedy says Dustin needs to see the bigger picture.

“This is about honouring one of the great Essendon players and his extraordinary career. This is bigger than him.”

“A wax figure wouldn’t work at all, those things always look terrible and you can tell they’re fake.

“No, Dustin is just going to have to cop this one on the chin. He should be thanking us all for doing this and stop being ungrateful.”

However, the plan could be in trouble with a Victoria Police spokesperson saying the plan was ‘really, really illegal’.

“It’s a bit too Silence of the Lambs-y to be a good idea,” the police spokesperson said.

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This post originally appeared in Inside Football.


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  3. Charlie EG

    As if things being ‘really, really illegal’ has ever stopped anybody from stuffing Essendon players full of foreign substances.

  4. Snert Underpant

    My great, great, great Uncle Horrie Underpant who came to Australia in 1871 had an old leather footy which he claimed Dustin had signed for him after his first game.

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    I can never figure out those new emojie things. Is that a sigh or a smile or what?!

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    Looks like the face is having a nice dream personally

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    Phar Lap style?
    Who’s doing the taxidermy work?

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    Hahaha, how much we love this bloke & we will probably never have another

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    Stewart Thompson this headline is gold haha

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    TitusOReily Next to Phar Lap, big red and skinny red!

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    TitusOReily probably be beneficial if he was stuffed and mounted in the Melbourne backline

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    TravisLapthorne TitusOReily Melbourne backline is stuffed, and has been well and truly mounted.

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    Most Essendon players have been stuffed this season.

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    ubermild All over it! Couldn’t think of a better way to honour a true legend of EssendonFC

  21. Adrian Miller

    True story, I got my jumper signed by Fletch when I was 11 years old at a Windy Hill function. I’m now 33.

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