Titus and Sergio’s Variety Hour: Drownings, fines and frozen balls


Titus and Sergio discuss the fallout from ‘drowngate’, the fallout from ‘umpiregate’ and wonder what ‘promulgate’ is all about.

They then look at the upcoming Olympics and share some news from the world of international football.



  1. Distinguished_guy

    Pleased to see the more accessible location.  My favourite sports show since Roy and HG back in the day.

  2. MacHawk

    Your take on the Scott brothers was perfect – loved the bit about – Chris Scott crashing his Ferrari in 2015 so the club went over to Adelaide and bought him another one – classic. 🙂

  3. MacHawk

    FCS…glad you didn’t get sucked into the Zika crap. I live in Brazil and trust me – no-one here even talks about it. But…you got sucked right into the Russian crap – smells like a politically influenced decision to get back at Putin for banning Monsanto to me.

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