Dozens of footy fans excited about Boomer breaking record

There are reports that up to a dozen football fans are excited about raffle specialist Brent ‘Boomer’ Harvey beating Michael Tuck’s game record this weekend.

“I suppose I should be excited; it is an amazing record,” said footy fan Elise Mayberry.

“I assume North fans are excited. I’ve never met one, so I’m not sure but you’d think they would be.

“I just wish it was someone else you know? Like anyone else.”

Long time Kangaroos fan Bertie McNichol said Boomer had always said he was motivated by the haters.

“No wonder he’s played so long then. He could play until he’s eighty if that’s what gets him going.”

Hawthorn fan Derek Suarez said he was disappointed Michael Tuck’s record was being broken.

“I guess this is what people mean when they say it’s tough being a footy fan. As a Hawthorn fan I never really understood what that meant.”

“This has left me feeling pretty flat. Don’t worry about me though. The annual premiership always cheers me up.”

A spokesperson for North Melbourne said there had actually been a huge amount of interest surrounding Boomer’s 427th game.

“We even sold one of those commemorative jumpers the other day, which I can tell you is a busy week for us.”

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