Dawn Fraser: I was only saying what other racists were thinking

This morning I was on Today when asked about Nick Kyrgios’ antics at Wimbledon.

During my answer, I said that if people like Nick don’t like it here, they should go back to where their fathers or their parents came from.

I added that we don’t need them here in this country if they act like that.

Well, haven’t people got upset over one little racist remark on national TV?

The truth is, I just said what other racists were already thinking. In fact, I’ve received a huge amount of support from other racists already.

In fact, I think my point has bipartisan support as a policy at a federal level.

It’s pretty unfair that if you go on national TV and say something racist that people then interpret that as racist.

How is telling someone to ‘go back to where you came from’ racist? It’s not like it’s a phrase so easily identified as racist that a TV show was made with that title.

It’s not my fault if people read things into it that are there.

Anyway, I’m just glad the interview finished before I worked in my ‘worse than ISIS angle’. Those left wing do-gooders would have been up in arms about that one.

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  1. Phill Tee

    exactly … even though she’s not racist. She was just the spokesperson for all racists … even though she’s not racist.

  2. Ben Hill

    Still confused as to why a washed up old swimmer was talking about tennis

  3. GuGuDe

    She heard Steve Ciobo tell Zaky Mallah that he should be stripped of his citizenship and deported – even though he was born here and has no other citizenship so can you blame her? She’s just telling it like the majority of fair dinkum Aussies who vote Liberal see it.

  4. Aaron McGrath

    Time for her to go back to where her parents were from… Obscurity.

  5. STaylor9891

    TitusOReily “I have a friend who comes from overseas so I can’t be a racist’.

  6. Penny Beitzel

    Next time Dawn, just boo politely like the rest of us – I’m told it was an imaginary tennis raquet anyway.

  7. Bonjour_Pippy

    TitusOReily What she really wanted to say was Take your brat & ball & go home!

  8. Aaron Grogs

    Id like to see more athletes acting like anglo guys like barry hall and whacking their opponent

  9. Matt Sullivan

    apparently she has said sorry if people think she came across as racist … yeah sorry, sorry that she’s been found out as a racist more like it

  10. Ev Fenton

    Because swimming is only relevant once any four years.

  11. costalotmore

    TitusOReily we don’t need blatant racist spokespeople in Australia. So she should go back where her ancestors came from.

  12. samfran716

    TitusOReily she didn’t say anything that isn’t morally or scientifically correct, as far as i know.

  13. cheerscobberta

    TitusOReily wasn’t she kicked out of Japan for stealing a flag? Full circle.

  14. erkoterrier

    Apparently she was actually just ‘talking to herself’.

  15. Joanne Everett

    I don’t think so. Dawn is not a racist. She has many, many friends of diverse origins. She was the original Aussie sports rebel.

  16. Nicholas Simonovski

    Just because you have friends of a particular nationality doesn’t mean you can’t have hated against them all.

  17. Brett Johansen

    I was watching that match – It was hilarious – his opponent also smashed his own racket at one point. It was a tense battle and Nick list it at one point, John McEnroe was asked about it he enjoyed it :). Did you read nicks response to dawn “Blatant racist, Australian legend.” Awesome

  18. Shane Eastwood

    Dawn has just confused me. Who do I dislike more now Dawn or James Hird. U0001f615

  19. Frank Descalco

    All she needs is a southern cross tattoo on her neck, and she’s set.

  20. Annie Haddad

    Dawn. You should just stop acting like a man. Why can’t you just be like one of those pretty lesbians. Oh wait. A minority finding fault with another minority. Racist scum.

  21. Annie Haddad

    No. She didn’t have a brain snap. She’s an honest to goodness white working class racist bogan. Always has been.

  22. Ray King

    Kind of like why do keyboard warriors comment on EVERYTHING.
    From the Keyboard Warrior!

  23. Andy725_

    TitusOReily what she was really saying was: ‘Beware of Greeks bearing tennis rackets’

  24. Liz Day

    Let’s get this into perspective, Dawn is a great Australian, but used an unfortunate phrase when berating Nick. Who in turn behaved like a tennis brat. Both should apologise to each other, Nick needs to show respect to the country that has paid for his sport, he is an enormously talented player, but is young. So with some age will come wisdom.. Storm in a tea cup – both his tantrum and Dawns racist remarks.. End of story.

  25. Virginia Luttrell

    Annie Haddad you need a Bex and a good lie down.

  26. Ben Darcy

    Hird, always Hird. I’m hoping he signs a 10 year deal and causes the bombers to fold.

  27. vulse213

    TitusOReily Dawns tennis special comments career
    R.I.P 8:46 am 7/7/ 2015 – 8:47 am 7/7/2015

  28. HongKongPhooty

    TitusOReily i thought acting like a cashed-up bogan was about the most australian thing you could do when overseas these days?

  29. DamianStreets

    TitusOReily Dawn Fraser’s father born in Embo, Scotland; problem solved?

  30. AnneMaree Fraser

    That would be James Hird. Biggest liar and worst person.

  31. devo_tea

    TitusOReily jellyrocket1 I found #JohnAlexander’s comment that she’s ‘a real character’ intriguing. Is this code language between racists?

  32. The Original Buzz

    Meanwhile, Dawn’s antics at the Olympic games has long been forgotten…….

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