Crows fan finally accepts Patrick Dangerfield is leaving

Passionate Crows fan Margret Wilton says she is now willing to concede that Patrick Dangerfield will not play for Adelaide this season.

“The signs are all there if you know what to look for,” conceded Ms Wilton, wiping tears from her eyes.

“Just little things really, his demeanour, what he doesn’t say.

“He missed our game against North Melbourne and I think he would have played if he was planning to re-sign with us.”

Ms Wilton admitted she had probably been in denial about the Crows chances of retaining the star midfielder.

“I feel a bit foolish to be honest. I thought there was every chance he would stay. Even when he announced he was leaving and going to Geelong I thought ‘that could just be a coincidence.”

“I guess the cold hard truth dawned on me when I saw him racking up 43 possessions, 22 of them contested with seven clearances, 10 inside-50s and five tackles against Hawthorn.

“I turned to my daughter Alice and said ‘I don’t think he’s coming back’.

“She said ‘of course he’s not Mum but at least we got Dean Gore’ and I said who?”

Ms Wilton said she still believed in the Crows and thought they were a good chance for the premiership this season. She added that seeing Dangerfield in Cats colours ‘hurt like the fires of hell and probably always will’.

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  1. Snert Underpant

    He’ll be back as soon as someone accepts the contract to eliminate Mrs D.

  2. Edna Merkle

    His goal kicking has just gone to bits since he left. He’s clearly not comfortable with his decision.

  3. Matt Swannie

    C.mon Clint – the game’s up. We all know you’re name’s really Margaret.

  4. Helen Gluyas

    Do the Melbourne media know he played in Adelaide , from all the reports you’d think he’s playing out of his skin for the first time U0001f61c

  5. The Carlton Draft

    brilliant, we had some inside scoops today too, from danger himself!

  6. Daniel Ting

    I thought Geelong had 12 players suspended and because we had too many players to select from (being injury free), we loaned Danger to Geelong just to appease his missus. Titus, please report facts. Not lies.

  7. phatrat16

    chrisso28 TitusOReily Only a Port fan would be stupid enough to think this is anything other than satire. Stop being a spud

  8. Lachie Willing

    Still hoping somehow we’ll see him in red gold and blue and it has all been a horrible nightmare.

  9. Hugo Von Winterhalter

    Let’s see how well he goes against a half decent team.

  10. Dave Kuchel

    Gus Lashchuk are you calling yourself Margaret now??

  11. Leigh Killmier

    Fraser Rigby Thomas Duncker i still don’t believe it.

  12. missdanaejoy

    TitusOReily she legit represents every crows supporter U0001f602U0001f602 so funny

  13. missdanaejoy

    TitusOReily and i still can’t work out who dean gore is U0001f611

  14. Gus Lashchuk

    “fires of hell” as she says is a massive understatement

  15. Chris Kendall

    Did Dangerfield leave Adelaide? There wasn’t a word said about it anywhere in the media.

  16. Dave Kuchel

    it’s pretty funny…but not so funny was having to watch him tear Hawthorn a new one…jeez he played a great game..

  17. Steve Gauci

    First time since probably Scratcher Neal that someone in a Geelong #35 jumper has hair

  18. Gus Lashchuk

    yeah ridiculous. but like i’ve said for a while though, can;t kick – missed a string of chances late on

  19. David Black

    Josh Mullet Hollis Ricky Sullivan Matt Trende read it

  20. Tom Basso

    Patrick Moller U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602greatest thing ever

  21. Patrick Moller

    AHAHAHAHAH my favourite bit is when it says Dean Gore

  22. Ben Page

    I’ll take 16 touches in the SANFL from Gore over 43 possessions, 22 of them contested with seven clearances, 10 inside-50s and five tackles against Hawthorn, any day!

  23. Chris Gawronski

    Well its the most possessions he has ever had so… yeah

  24. David Powell

    Playing at the Crows was obviously holding him back…..

  25. Donald Chump

    Well done Garry, you win Idiot of the Day! By a long way too.

  26. Basil Beaker

    New to the internet Garry, or just really, really stupid?

  27. Tristan Hossack

    Joke is I swear some of them still haven’t accepted it

  28. Andrew Fuller

    Short memories over in the penal settlement. The 4-year carping session over Ablett’s departure to GCS seems to have been overlooked altogether. And they still boo him.

  29. Judy Stocco

    I really feel for that lady .. being a Crows supporter myself U0001f615 our spare room was filled with tissue boxes over Christmas ..

  30. Simon Banwell

    Nicole Wilton is he talking about a relation of yours?

  31. Geoff Schaefer

    Gore is the new Dangerfield Ben and a younger less beaten up model. We did well!

  32. Snert Underpant

    Well said Darren. What good are 45 possessions when you waste most of them? Or half of them? Or at least three…

  33. Mummy's Little Helper

    I knew this would happen. As soon as I saw him run out on the MCG in Cats colours I thought to myself ‘he’s probably not coming back this year”.

  34. Boatie McFloatie

    Bloody Stephen Trigg’s to blame! He should have cut Tippett’s Achilles’ tendon and sent a message that no one, but no one leaves the Crows.

  35. Ben Page

    Exactly! Who needs a Brownlow Medallist when we can have a good depth player to help the SANFL team make the final 5? That one game in September at a suburban ground will be a great experience for players with maybe 12 months left in their careers to look back on with not entirely unpleasant fondness.

  36. TexasPinkSock

    TitusOReily Reidox4 ThomLemmon morgdoggg wightsnake24

  37. McintyreMaria

    TitusOReily what he’s GONE!! Why wasn’t I told

  38. Matthew Brookes

    Yep, most possessions he’s had, a whole 1 more than his previous best (42 against Hawks in 2014).

  39. AndrewStace

    Great article TitusOReily, but who proofread this?!

  40. Billious

    chrisso28 TitusOReily if Titus wasn’t using the protection of source doctrine he might be able to admit Margaret Wilton is a ficticious character and stop creating so much confusion in Port Adelaide supporter ranks so that dumb and dumber can understand what happens on this site.

  41. Billious

    There’s a secret plan being hatched in Adelaide to dig up Moggs Creek and transplant it and all the Dangerfield extended family in West Lakes.  West Lakes will become Dangerville with Patrick crowned King and the entire area will secede from South Australia.  All crows games will be played at aami park and Patrick the supreme leader will be the only player in Crows team.  No visiting team will be permitted to win against crows or even kick a goal in anger.

    The Government supports the plan believing that Port Adelaide and their entire supporter base will be so disappointed they were not given this wonderful opportunity and leave for Victoria.  As the premier said if we achieve that result the collective intellective of both states will improve.

  42. Daniel Fornarino

    Chris Marulli Tom Speakman this be me………..U0001f62d

  43. Danielle Cook

    Lol! Playing at the Crows he clearly had more midfield help & didn’t need 400 possessions U0001f44dU0001f3fc

  44. Danielle Cook

    In poor Gore’s defence, he is just as much a Brownlow medalist as Danger is U0001f609

  45. Danielle Cook

    Haha love it! But he may as well have cut Tippett’s leg off – he’s done nothing with it anyway!

  46. Danielle Cook

    ^^^^Poor Wayne…Still hurt over Betts & Jacobs? Thank you and your club for your two very fine gifts U0001f60a

  47. Tristan Hossack

    Vozzo mate I appreciate your dedication to trolling me but haven’t you got some new material you can use?

  48. Rod Cameron

    Kristie: Let those who are without sin throw the first needle! U0001f602

  49. Thomas Duncker

    I’m surprised she had time to put down her knitting to do the interview!

  50. twoshea80

    TitusOReily they give up easily, I still email the AFL every day calling for Michael Long to be sent off for his bump in 2000 Grand Final

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