Cricket Australia considering using professional venues

Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland says the organisation is considering using professional venues and preparing proper pitches.

“Good cricket is not really our focus but it does seem that we may need to reluctantly do something,” said Mr Sutherland.

The move follows a match at Blacktown being called off on the second day due to a terrible wicket, a Sheffield Shield match at the SCG cancelled due to the playing surface being substandard, and the forced the move of another match from the SCG to Bankstown.

The test series against New Zealand has also been marred by flat, lifeless pitches and a seventeen-minute delay due to a sightscreen not working due to a flat battery. Crowds have been down.

If implemented, it would be a radical policy shift for the governing body and could require some actual effort to prepare pitches and fix sight screens.

“Despite the outward appearance, cricket is actually a professional sport,” said Mr Sutherland.

“Why are you laughing?”

Mr Sutherland said Cricket Australia was in the business of making money, not putting on world class cricket and lavishly spending on sightscreen batteries.

“Do you know the cost of a sight screen battery? They’re like $7 each.”

“But I guess if people won’t to watch a sightscreen being fixed fro 17 minutes that could affect rating which affects advertising revenue, so I guess we have to look at it.”

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  1. Clint Grainger

    A novel idea Wes Grainger Andrew Snook Daryl Hargreaves

  2. Stephen Kainey

    Interesting. FB says 6 comments but there is only 1 to see. Are the other 5 censored ?

  3. David Hueston

    Gee, I wonder if the Adelaide road will be any friendlier to the trundlers than the Gabba or WACA? Didn’t think so.

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