Cricket Australia: Big Bash League to be ‘basically fireworks, motorbikes’ by 2018

Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland says the Big Bash League will increase its investment in fireworks and BMX riders, while decreasing the amount of cricket.

“Quite a few of us at Cricket Australia are cricket fans but we understand public taste is shifting.”

“People want explosions and motorbikes doing flips and that’s what we’re increasingly about.

“To be honest cricket is not Cricket Australia’s prime focus anymore; we’re basically here to sell chicken, to shift drumsticks and wings.”

The governing body has announced that innings will be reduced to ten overs in 2017 and five overs in 2018.

“Having players off the field most of the time allows us to do so much more with the monster trucks and the DJs we have planned. People will love T5”

Critics of the plan say this will mean the BBL will basically become a Crusty Demons show that tramples the spirit of cricket.

Cricket Australia say this is simply not true.

“Do the Crusty Demons have terrible hip-hop dancers? I don’t think so,” said Mr Sutherland.

“Anyway, a BBL game will still feature more cricket than a test does these days and has the added bonus of not featuring the West Indies.”

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  1. Jim Woodcock

    I’ll support that so long as it mean no Kevin Petersen.

  2. ichymochek

    TitusOReily Bring back the celebrity catcher #BBL05

  3. Steve Aslan

    Fireworks are more exciting than watching the West Indies .

  4. Cameron Allen

    Tom Farmer Matt Iles Connor Munnings feast your eyes on this

  5. DavidEvans_GGL

    TitusOReily Careful what you wish for Titus. Once they get rid of bowlers, this will all be possible.

  6. Andrew Nomiddlename

    Fireworks and moto x is the way of the future. It’s what the kids want. I had my 18 month old watch the last test with me. Between rolling his eyes at another Marsh boundry or Windies top order bat get out without moving his feet, he was constantly searching youtube for ‘moto x jump gone wrong’ and the like.
    By 2025 I predict sport as we know it will just be played during the intermission of Crusty Demons shows. The AFL GF will be a 10 minute each way 9 a side game, played while Travis Pastrana is getting his leg put in a cast.

  7. Jimmy Lovett

    Joshua Connelly “To be honest cricket is not Cricket Australia’s prime focus anymore; we’re basically here to sell chicken, to shift drumsticks and wings.”

  8. Andrew Lamb

    In case you haven’t seen this: Geoff Lamb, Andrew Champion, Stephen Jackson, Nads Nadine, Andrew Bennett, Simon Healy.

  9. Nads Nadine

    kids have short attention spans, the format suits that. we’ve actually found are kids are far more interested in 1 day and test match cricket having watched some big bash games. and perfectly suited to after work on friday. work all day, get the kids into town, watch the cricket, be home by 10. super family friendly

  10. Brenden Bontoft

    You forgot the dance crews, cricket needs dance crews

  11. James Moran

    James Sully Cameron Burke read the article hahaha.

  12. Rod Freame

    Any truth that BBL will be halftime entertainment on the next Crusty Demons tour?

  13. Adam D'Aloia

    It’s cricket, if cricket were created by Michael Bay and the target audience were adolescent boys with ADD.

  14. Sam Pauley

    Jared Bowen if there’s no break dancing on trampolines, I’ll be writing a strongly worded letter.

  15. Jon Wilson

    May have been my biggest social failure before Saturday night.

  16. Tony TC

    Titus, given it’s “Big Bash”, I’m thinking some UFC bouts around the boundary either during play or between wickets. What do you think?

  17. Ash Dark

    I’m far more impressed that your 1 and a 1/2 year old is surfing the web…

  18. Andrew Nomiddlename

    In a world where I’m pretty certain kids are born with an ipad in their hands, nothing is surprising…

  19. Jared Bowen

    haha, I come for the sixes, I stay for the trampoline acrobatics

  20. Malcolm Makkinga

    So the motorbikes are the point of difference between BBL and A League.

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