Concert Review: Eighties super group the West Indies

Eighties super group ‘The West Indies’ are currently touring Australia on what I can only assume is their farewell tour.

Time will tell if this is a John Farnham like farewell tour or a real one but based on the performances so far, it seems like the latter.

In hindsight, I guess I went along for the same reason most fans did, for the nostalgia.

Unfortunately, those of us seeking a glimpse of our youth left severely disappointed, with no sign of earlier hits like ‘Curtly Ambrose’, ‘Viv Richards’, ‘Courtney Walsh’ or ‘Michael Holding’.

There wasn’t even album favourite ‘Richie Richardson’.

Recent hit ‘Brian Lara’ was also ignored and instead we were treated to a turgid procession of stuff from the amateurish new album.

From the dirge-like ‘Marlon Samuels’ to the alarmingly beige ‘Kraigg Brathwaite’, we were constantly reminded of how the West Indies’ earlier stuff is way better than their new stuff.

Only ‘Darren Bravo’ got any reaction from the crowd and that was mainly because of the relief felt from hearing something that was actually in tune.

Even the stage presence was disappointing. Gone was the swagger, the arrogance; replaced by childish posing and palpable laziness.

It was a sad reminder that when the sun sets on something it gets cold pretty quickly and as we left, all that remained was sadness about what once was.

The West Indies used to be the pinnacle of technical ability and showmanship, now they’re just an embarrassing sideshow.

One-and-a-half stars

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  1. DennisCricket_

    TitusOReily Concert one & a half stars. Review – 5 stars

  2. Geoff Schaefer

    Sadly true Titus. This time around the group had less oomph than a Peter, Paul and Mary concert on Valium…

  3. Adam Armistead

    Bon Jovi springs to mind – living off their work in the 80s and early 90s with precious little to show since. Now relegated to a covers band that get less relevant as the years progress.

  4. Snert Underpant

    The biggest positive with this lacklustre West Indian effort was that by reducing each test to three days meant we had two days less to listen to our aged, boring commentary team.

  5. Simon Bogli

    Recent rumblings out of AFL House suggest these guys will be headlining the 2016 Grand Final half time entertainment.

  6. Billious

    I still remember the days about the time when Alan Border took over as captain of Australia our team was a complete rabble the world class easybests and the Australian press were about as harsh as Titus has been on the West Indies.  It took us several years to rebuild while we got walloped consistently with Border the only player of world class standard.  This happened at a time where our expectation was far higher than the WI have of their team and a lot more cash in our system than the WI today.

    All countries/ teams go through lean times its the cyclical story of sport aptly demonstrated my the Melbourne Football club in recent decades.  We all hope the WI can turn it around in the future but let not kick them while they are down we were there once and we will likely be there again one day thats sport.

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