Collingwood announce new coaching succession plan

Following Collingwood’s loss to Melbourne on Saturday, President Eddie McGuire said a new coaching succession plan was now in place.

“I pulled Nathan in and told him what a wonderful job he was doing but that the club need a process in place for succession,” said Mr McGuire.

“As a result, I’m excited to announce that in 2016, Eddie McGuire will become the new senior coach of the Collingwood Football Club.”

The new senior coach nominee said he was ‘deeply honoured’ to be appointed.

“I’d like to begin by thanking Club President Eddie McGuire for bestowing such an honour on me. Eddie is Collingwood’s greatest ever President and I look forward to working closely with him,” said Coach McGuire.

“Being the senior coach of Collingwood is a dream come true. I’ve loved this club since I was a little boy and that love has continued as I became its President.”

President McGuire said Coach McGuire bought a range of skills to the position, the most important of which was ‘being Eddie McGuire.’

“Eddie will be a great senior coach, I’ve got no doubt about that,” said President Eddie.

“We can rebuild through the rest of this season, then Bucks is out and Ed’s in to take us to a Premiership.”

The Collingwood Football Club said despite the move, Eddie McGuire would still remain President of Collingwood, for life.

Current coach Nathan Buckley issued a statement saying he had ‘honestly no idea what to make of the situation.’

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This post originally appeared in Inside Football


  1. au_sesquip

    TitusOReily I heard that in tandem together the president and new coach will look to rebrand the club as Eddiewood Magpies

  2. Michael Forkgen

    Nathan has just pushed Eddie out of the bed, ouch!

  3. mathewmills73

    TitusOReily makes sense. The only person Ed loves more than Bucks is Ed.

  4. Tom Edney

    Hahaha If it’s any consolation Harmesy kicked his first goal

  5. Lachy Ewart

    Like watching your daughter get married but she’s getting married to a fat trucky

  6. Chris Dorn

    Collingwood board of directors: “We have the full support of Nathan as coach of this club.”

  7. Steve Matthew

    Haha……dig up Jock McCale !!!……team not coach !!

  8. Zoe French

    Jordan Mathews The saddest part is this is actually something we would do

  9. pam82

    TitusOReily he would probably do a better job lol so over Buckley

  10. misanthropicfcuk

    “President for life” is probably not far from the truth, it would likely be harder to remove him from Collingwood than it was for the yanks to remove J Edgar Hoover from the FBI.

    Congrats on the win too Titus!
    Everyone who’s not a Magpie supporter.

  11. Declan Winra

    That’d be the death sentence that we’ve been trying so hard to achieve over the last month and abit

  12. Mick Ryan

    Tristan McCormick
    Jacki Ryan
    Sheree Mattie Vukovich
    Peter Sherriff Ryan

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