Clarko: I’m actually pretty good at this

Dear Hawthorn fans and the lesser footy community

I have been made aware that some of the weaker ones among you are unsettled about recent trade moves we have been making at the Mighty Hawthorn Football Club.

It took me a few days to become aware of this, as I’m not on social media for it is for pale skinned, indoor types with unnaturally soft hands.

I also pay no attention to the traditional, declining media, as they are feeble minded word writers who have never tasted the thrill of battle, or if they have they have been found wanting.

No, instead I’ve been busy ensuring the many premierships cups I’ve won for this club are polished, and there is room for the many more I shall bring.

Sure, it sad seeing two champions of the club leave us but remember, I’m really, really, really good at this coaching stuff.

Mitchell is 34. That’s like being 80 in AFL player years, and Lewis chooses to go to Melbourne, which obviously shows a severe decline in his decision-making abilities.

So stay strong true believers. The weak among you didn’t seem to complain so much when we were hoisting up cups three years straight.

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  1. Harry Dunne

    Sattire – but spot on. Most impressed by Clarko’s post season form. Out with the old in with the new. Even the great Leigh Matthews couldn’t do that at Brisbane.

  2. Blues Tragic

    It’s interesting that Carlton – a wildly successful club in recent years – take a similar approach of letting their best players go. The only difference is that they let them go just before they’re about to become even better: think Betts, Gibbs, Henderson, Laidler, Garlett, Robinson, Kennedy, Jacobs …

  3. Shane Dunlop

    well said Clarko…every year something changes…so why wouldn’t it this year…people shoud start supporting their club not individual players…as a club is about teamwork…not individuals…there is no I in team…

  4. Hawk Fan

    Dees midfield overwhelmed with speed? I thought it was banned.
    Surely they learnt from the Bombers little escapade.

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