Carlton accidentally appoint James Hird coach

In an alarming mix up, the Carlton Football Club have appointed James Hird as their new senior coach.

The mistake is arguably one of Carlton’s biggest in the last few months.

A source close to the club said the appointment was a result of a ‘comedy of errors’ which were still not fully understood by those involved.

Blues CEO Steven Trigg said he was keen to get to the bottom of how he offered Hird a ten year, $8 million contract.

“While I’m not sure how this happened and admit it wasn’t intentional, I think it’s going to be terrific for the club. James has a proven track record of being a coach.”

“It’s possible I sent Brendon Bolton’s contract to the wrong address. I’d spilt a bit of wine on it, so the figure could have look like $8 million.”

Moves to void the contract have been blocked by lawyers acting for Hird.

Carlton fans have reacted with anger at the announcement.

“I guess we all make mistakes but I’m not happy about this at all,” said long time member Sharon Paulson.

“I’m used to this club being badly run but this is ridiculous. I never thought I’d say this but I’d prefer Mick.”

“Still, I guess Essendon are above us on the ladder.”

Caroline Wilson has called for Hird to be sacked.

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  1. Sean Stryker

    Ryan Johnston Stuart Buckingham Neil Kirkhope Grant Arnott Adrian Carle Jess Stryker Barry Thomas Nick Harris WHAT?????

  2. mwhiteind

    TitusOReily going by the newspaper headlines, I thought the clubs had merged? “Essendon Blues””

  3. twoshea80

    TitusOReily what does Jeremy Ellis the shopfitter and casual racist think of all this?

  4. Anthony Merritt

    Gold!!!! It’s going to be hilarious if Trigg manages to get his mate Craigy the head coach job!

  5. James Dantalis

    Carlton appointed Trigg, appointing Hird would be no different!
    Both have a chequered past, that would appear to be a key criteria in Carlton’s selection process!

  6. webbpleb

    TitusOReily “Caroline Wilson has called for Hird to be sacked.” Brilliant

  7. fmcbill

    TitusOReily wouldn’t rule it out – it is as silly as appointing Steven Trigg CEO after his own AFL suspension & European holiday.

  8. Damian Joyce

    About as good as I would if the cows won the flag

  9. Paul Schultz

    Shane Glazbrook Phil Meng Nat Hill… Worth the read

  10. NMRoos75

    mwhiteind TitusOReily even more reason to hate them both U0001f604

  11. Matthew Cattuzzo

    Nick Calrissian Corso it’s funny because it’s Trigg!

  12. peteguley

    TitusOReily Just cancel the contract and pay him out. That’s Hird’s MO these days.

  13. Penny Beitzel

    “We’d give anything to be 15th on the ladder, and James is the man to get us there.”

  14. Matt Rasmussen

    Have a heart Titus, what’s Caro going to write about now that James Hird is no longer involved in football. I don’t think you realise how difficult the last 3 years have been for her

  15. Stephen Staines Sharman

    Accidently?? Surely thats a Trigg type of move foshooooo

  16. Brainy Tim

    Dont even joke about it Titus! Dont want him anywhere near our grand old club!!! Daniel Michael Ficco

  17. Frank Samohel

    I heard that Mick Gatto is lining up a new supply chain. At least we might win oneU0001f60e

  18. Bonjour_Pippy

    TitusOReily Carlton like people that don’t leave the club.

  19. Michael Thomas

    What are your thoughts there Bradley? Wish it was true?

  20. Bradley Grosser

    Haha, they don’t do much else right so who knows… Might get Mick back perhaps!

  21. Paul Brasier

    Inspired humor….. almost as good as james hirds claim that adversity d I dnt get to them

  22. Ash Rogers

    Alex Howard Sam Gibb Apple Green well done Carlton

  23. siandart

    megacolour TitusOReily so far, yes. Wouldn’t put it past them tho.

  24. markfunkyharris

    TitusOReily you set a high bar but this is one of you best – keep up the good work

  25. John Francis McGeary

    That would scare the crap out of Carlton supporters.

  26. Dylan Costello

    Thanks Telf.
    Michael Voss does wonders with rebuilding clubs, give him a call.

  27. tsinclair73

    TitusOReily love this article. If only it would come true. #TriggSucks

  28. Richard Harvey

    Hahaha that is awesome. My favorite part was ‘Caroline Wilson has called for Hird to be sacked’

  29. wallis_donna

    TitusOReily Can’t stop laughing..This is absolute gold, funny thing is, it could be true..

  30. doodledogs1960

    TitusOReily oh dear god…next you will be saying essendon have reappointed stephen dank as sports scientist

  31. Macca1728

    TitusOReily TimothyFegan Wouldn’t suprise me if CarltonFC made a error such as this haha

  32. Billious

    I wouldn’t be laughing this is no accident this is a deliberate and calculated act to get whatever they need injected into the water most at Carlton have been on the past 10 years.

  33. Steven Reid

    Absolutely, takes the focus off our on field effort

  34. Billious

    doodledogs1960 TitusOReily why would Danks go back to any role at Essendon lower than Chairman?  That role is soon to be vacant and anyone not on something stronger than water won’t understand the intracasies  of the close relationship between the EFC and AFL who have a secret plan to do a reverse takeover of WADA so they can refuse to give evidence against themselves for fear of incriminating the incrimadator.  Danks knows that better than most of us here.

    With all EFC home matches in 2016 scheduled to be played in Geneva the timely takeover of WADA is expected to be a crowd puller with the crowd made up of at least 90% ex Russian,Chinese and American athletes led by Lance Armstrong enjoying a holiday in Geneva thus adding to the bonanza 2.5 billion reasons why any publicity even bad publicity is better than no publicity.

  35. Billious

    Hird to Carlton makes a lot of sense, Carlton by annointment believe it is their right to be number 1 at everything.  Adding Triggs ban for 6 months to Hirds ban of a year together with Carltons ban for two years of draft choices makes Carlton the most banned congregation in AFL history aside from the outcome of David Reece Jones’s tribunal visits.

  36. DocSherrin

    TitusOReily I fully expect John Barker to be appointed by Wednesday afternoon. Which many Carlton supporters will think is just as bad!

  37. PeteC1969

    DocSherrin I don’t know what makes a good AFL coach but could Barker be any worse than the last two? He at least sounds ok in grabs…

  38. DocSherrin

    PeteC1969 It’s John’s 6th year at the club and his main role has been to develop forwards and defenders. I believe he’s failed.

  39. PeteC1969

    DocSherrin a fair assessment but has he had the cattle or the internal support to do that. I don’t know but the club has failed in that

  40. Alice Kelly

    I would laugh but it’s actually a scary possibility U0001f62cU0001f62cU0001f62c

  41. Josh Tucci

    Alec Kajewski James Weatherlake Jamie Conlon Brydan Meredith

  42. Tony TC

    Kinda makes you question which party would have been worse off.

  43. Bruce Kingshott

    ri mus would have been a good choice (oops Primus.)

  44. Mark Millington

    stop crying coz craigy (gun) left the cows…(oops Cows)Bruce

  45. Bruce Kingshott

    Well I know you’re not crying about Ptimus leaving the smears! Still got that GWS game on IQ if you want? 07 Grand Final another collectors item. Stay in the now haha.

  46. Nathan Hanrahan

    Hird cracked a massive fat when he saw this I’m sure….

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