Asking Tom Boyd to take a pay cut is a disgrace

Earlier this week, Cameron Mooney and known glove wearer Luke Darcy, called for Tom Boyd to take a pay cut.

To say this is an outrage is putting it too mildly. It is downright un-Australian. It is an attack on the soul of this country girt by sea.

Right now, Tom Boyd isn’t doing his job as an AFL player very well. In fact, he often seems to be phoning it in and has been promoted well above his skill set.

But do we automatically reduce his salary as a result?

To do so would set a precedent that could decimate the Australian economy overnight.

If we reduced the salary of every Aussie not doing their job very well, we would be plunging wages back to 1970s levels.

It would make the recent Global Financial Crisis look like a children’s picnic.

It’s the type of accountability everyone likes directed at someone else but not towards themselves.

It’s also counter to the Australian ideal that doing a poor job, shirking the real work should get you promoted, not a reduced salary.

Many of the best executives I’ve ever known have been terrible at their jobs. It’s why they got promoted, to get them away from any equipment they could damage themselves or others with. To put a barrier between them and the actual work.

It’s not Tom’s fault he’s been given a job he can’t do and a lot of money. He’s not the only white male that’s happened to.

Before we start docking footballers pay for not performing, think about the precedent that sets.

After all, you’re probably reading this when you should be working.

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  1. Billious

    He only got the big salary because the brains trust at bulldog land wanted to pay Sydney back for taking Griffin off them.  You can’t make a crap decision then expect someone else to foot the bill only Dan the Manhole can do that and get away with it.  The bulldogs have to meet their obligations and wear the cost of stupidity on the chin.

  2. MarcMcCormick

    If that were the case, journos such as Barrett would be paying us for the privilege of having us listen to/read their articles :-/

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