An Open Letter to Paul Roos and Peter Jackson

Dear Peter and Paul

As a long time Demon fan and member, I want to thank you for blaming me and my fellow supporters for Melbourne’s current woes.

You see, you’re spot on about us Melbourne fans being negative. I guess that comes from almost a decade of complete incompetence both on field and off.

In that time, I, like so many other Demons supporters have continued to fork over our money for absolutely nothing in return.

We could have simply taken that money, put in in the fireplace in our chalets, set it on fire and watch it go up in smoke. At least in that scenario we would have had a brief moment of warmth.

Instead, we’ve turned up week after week, watching our team regularly turn in some of the most insipid performances ever produced on a sporting field.

It’s not the massive losses that gets me, the complete absence of basic skills or even the ability to invent new ways to stuff up.

What gets me is the teams ability to continually just not even try. Lately, this has happened from the opening bounce, it hasn’t even been in response to any pressure.

Now, I’m not all negative. There’s no doubt our drafting has improved recently and financially the club seems to be finding it’s feet after a fair bit of help from the AFL.

Players like Jesse Hogan, Christian Salem and Angus Brayshaw make me feel positively positive about the future.

What really annoys me though is when the very expensive senior coach blames the fans for some incredibly poor showings by the club and then the CEO rushes out to clarify that it’s nobody at the club being negative but it’s the supporters.

That’s just insulting.

Unlike the fans who support the club financially and through attendance, you guys are being paid to watch this decade-long train wreck.

Ultimately, you work for us.

Negative or not, the fact we show up at all or buy our memberships is a miracle. We are doing our part.

Blaming us is a cheap exercise in blame shifting. You guys are following some of the worst administrators and coaches in living memory in international sport. It shouldn’t be that hard to look good.

Paul, you probably have got us on the right track but you take the money and you take the responsibility. That includes criticism for being behind schedule on turning the club around on the field.

Peter, you are doing an excellent job but attacking the fans is a huge mistake. You’ll be asking us for money in just a few months. Better to back us than the coach who is already edging towards the door.

A public apology to all the Melbourne fans would be appreciated from both of you.

Super positive regards

Titus O’Reily

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  1. Chook Farls

    Sean Farley Chesty LaRue Simon Farley Pipski McGavin John Erbacher Sam Farley

  2. ryant56

    TitusOReily I don’t think they were blaming us. They were just stating facts.

  3. LuiMartino

    TitusOReily not a MFC supporter but I also thought the comments were poor. MFC supporters have every reason to be -ve. Apology justified

  4. ryant56

    TitusOReily you just have to look at Twitter when Matt Jones gets the ball to see the negative mindset us supporters have.

  5. ryant56

    TitusOReily which is obviously expected after a 9 years of terrible football.

  6. LuiMartino

    ryant56 TitusOReily understand your comment, but what is achieved by this? Supporter response is justified

  7. Michael Charlton

    Jason Hay David Underwood-Harris James Reid Michael Vaux Frank Loschiavo

  8. winterschris17

    TitusOReily well said. Comical PR from those two.

  9. davidsffs

    TitusOReily perfectly said. Players are to blame, they are the ones not giving up their hard earned not time to watch this rabble.

  10. LukePGavin

    TitusOReily best thing I’ve ever read. Thank you sir.

  11. MulberryBrett

    TitusOReily I think what you’re trying to say is ‘where is the love?’

  12. burgerboy016

    TitusOReily imagine if melbourne supporters were like tigers supporters

  13. Rod Owen

    Spot on mate! As a fellow Sucker for punishment Melbourne supporter, you’ve summed up the situation and my thoughts perfectly

  14. Clint Grainger

    Yep, exactly right. Wes Grainger Hannah Grainger

  15. Andrew Paton

    Could not agree more, given we have a home game coming up at Etihad in a week and half I would’ve thought he would be doing everything he can to support and encourage the fans.
    We deserved better from the playing group on the weekend and we deserve an apology for these comments.

  16. Bonjour_Pippy

    TitusOReily It’s not only an insult it’s a cheap shot that makes Tennis Australia’s inadequacies show it’s becoming endemic!

  17. Pipski McGavin

    Outrageous! We have been blindly, heart achingly positive and hopeful!!! I’m totes devo U0001f62d

  18. ctremmie

    TitusOReily Justified response. I’m not a MFC supporter but thought it was a big mistake to get paying members off side. Apology required.

  19. Christine Boulter

    I don’t think an apology will fix this… supporters are annoyed with players and admin! My goodness what a debacle!

  20. Dan Henderson

    Farkin oath…almost fell off my lounge listening to Roosy on Monday night. I have become a shell of a man because of this football club, not the other way around.

  21. Bonjour_Pippy

    TitusOReily Roos needs to borrow a line from JFK. Ask what you can do for you club, not what your club can do for you?

  22. liparota

    TitusOReily Great stuff! I hope they hear you. Couldn’t also believe it when Bucks told Roosey that he was surprised he read fan letters!

  23. thechook30

    TitusOReily – Voice of the working class once again. Lead the revolt and call for melbournefc members to not sign up in 2016.

  24. SCKingHit

    TitusOReily the disrespect of MFCorp to its members is disgusting

  25. Aussie_14

    TitusOReily can you send out a big digital hug to all melbournefc supporters 2day? Save a little huggy time for yourself too mate #GoDees

  26. Nicholas Butler

    Sam Adams Peter Chapman Richard French David Rees

  27. Peter Reynolds

    100% truth in the letter Lindsay Lawrence i can’t see us improving to much into next season unless changes are made ( bloody again ) Got a lot of respect for ROOSY but ithink he should hand over the reins to GOODWIN or sign on for another 2 years to show some comiment to the club . or we can merge with your lot & base ourselves in Melbourne & be known as the MELBOURNE CROWS

  28. Hamish Clark

    I agree with Titus, but I also agree with Paul & Peter, in the sense that the negative atmosphere from both supporters and internally at the club is doing the playing group no favors.
    Positivity and expectation is everything, negativity implies hopelessness.

  29. Malcolm Makkinga

    They’re not robbing Peter to pay Paul. Just saying.

  30. realrpfc

    TitusOReily MFC fan asking for an public apology for being called negative is the kind of story you would normally make fun of…

  31. Lindsay Lawrence

    Very interesting thought provoking idea Pete re the merger. Thanks but no thanks!

  32. Kate Jones

    Just a couple of weeks since members appreciation week. How things have changed.

  33. simonsbargains

    TitusOReily brendanflight Notsure what all the fuss is about!We’ve certainly improved since13, it’s just that the graph up is inconsistent

  34. smptiger

    TitusOReily Have faith pal. This is how I felt after 30 years of incompetence from my Tigers. But at long last, it looks like it’s starting

  35. Phill Tee

    Quick question Titus, are you in fact a Melbourne supporter?

  36. smptiger

    TitusOReily to turn. Stay loyal, every club needs supporters like yourself

  37. Ryan Batchelder

    I get why dee folk are mad but I still don’t see where he said he blamed us for the way they play. Hes just being honest and he’s right.

  38. Richard French

    Well I guess I’d be more annoyed if he wasn’t so bloody right!

  39. Travis Roy

    Titus speaks nothing but truth, a true representation of the Melbourne supporters.

  40. PaulsaTigergirl

    Oh Titus, when I read that article in the paper yesterday I nearly wept with anger and frustration. If Brendon Gale had ever said such a thing about Richmond supporters, (not that he would), there would have been a riot. I think it is one of the most despicable things I’ve ever read to do with footy and in reading your open letter and waiting for the punchline, which never came, your utter despair shines through. I hope you and all your fellow supporters get the apology you so very richly deserve.

  41. Andrew Hudson

    Dear Titus – If you go to the Melbourne Football Club – the Mighty Demons page where I posted this, there are more comments and love for the story -just saying..

  42. Pauline Slavin

    Every single Melbourne member deserves an apology. Absolutely disgraceful and disgusting comments by those officials – they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

  43. Pythonchicky

    TitusOReily U0001f44f U0001f44f U0001f44f absolutely bang on the money, couldn’t have been said any better

  44. DavidEvans_GGL

    TitusOReily On’ya Titus. From those to whom much is given, much is expected. Melb officials would do well to remember that.

  45. Peter Reynolds

    Why not Lindsay Lawrence ? u get ur favorite son back GOODWIN & we get dangerfield + a few others lol..

  46. Christine Curran

    I didn’t take Paul Roos comments on AFL360 to be about the fans. I thought it was about the internal workings of the club from Board right down to the Players. That takes time to eradicate…

  47. trampanya

    TitusOReily The biggest positive you have is Goodwin. We’d have him back in a sec :o) Jackson is only good for financial matters #Knights

  48. Darren Flash Nicolle

    Heath Fidler Danyon Lyall Brayden Butler… sums it up very well!

  49. ItsCassiePike

    TitusOReily love this U0001f44cU0001f64cU0001f44f

  50. Louise Hughes

    Wow! Thank you on behalf of myself and my family. Was heartbroken hearing that we were to blame! 🙁

  51. meadows_maree

    TitusOReily Well written.Hope they take notice .

  52. Justin Martinez

    Paul Roos is solely to blame.
    Why would you want to play for your club, when the coach isn’t even committed to the cause. He wants out after a period of time. It’s a joke of a situation.

  53. Joel Norman-Hade

    Still waiting for an apology…. I will not fork over another cent to the club till it comes!!!

  54. Paul Corky McCorquodale

    Titus is a very funny man but he also can make some great points as a Dees man. Nails it here that is for sure.

  55. patddevlin

    TitusOReily U0001f44fU0001f44fU0001f44fU0001f44fU0001f44fU0001f44fU0001f44f

  56. Michael Ryan

    Your letter and David Schwarz’s comments on SEN were a fantastic rebuttal to a ridiculous statement. Hoping MFC ‘gets it’, uses the next two weeks to redeem itself and possibly avoid a massive drop in 2016 memberships.

  57. diamond_Jim18

    TitusOReily Excellent work Titus. To borrow from Barassi to Zantuck “You give me wins and I’ll shut up” #godees.

  58. Ms_Catus

    Superb … You could give Paul Little a few pointers :p

  59. Pantaloons64

    TitusOReily amen. I will be reciting this in its entirety at my next Negative Ninnies Anonymous appointment.

  60. Richard French

    I know buts I’ve been on him for ages we do get the internet in qld

  61. SLibba

    TitusOReily excellent summation, heincoin interested in your thoughts…

  62. heincoin

    SLibba TitusOReily well surmised! Pathetic Roos. Slightly more eloquent than the one I sent them yesterday. #givegoodythereins

  63. Klawdy_klaw

    TitusOReily Might be time to subscribe to the quality not quantity theory Titus.

  64. muzza54

    TitusOReily don’t follow the Dees, but it was a bad error by both of them

  65. michaelevans11

    TitusOReily perhaps they would get the message if every Melbourne supporter (all 200 of you) didn’t pay next year

  66. Crowey13

    TitusOReily Roos wants players 2b angry. maybe he shoulda blamed them? certainly got the fans angry!

  67. p_diddy67

    TitusOReily – exactly! So sick of it all. Taking a gap year in 2016 as I just can’t take any more pain from this club.

  68. matttav

    TitusOReily Upon seeing the headline I really was wondering how you were going to work Paul Roos into another epic story about hobbits 😀

  69. rpbion

    TitusOReily Roos should get off Big Footy it won’t help him.

  70. Peter Reynolds

    P.S for u guys 2 relocate 2 the MCG the teams colors must be RED & the BLUE & the team song 2 remain IT’S A GRAND OLD FLAG ….lol

  71. ferrier_john

    TitusOReily what is baffling to me is how we can go from the game at Kardinia Park to what we saw on the weekend…I don’t get it…

  72. Ashley Mrocki

    Stop shifting the blame Titus and just accept it.
    Your high fiving and general supporter demeaner needs sprucing up.
    Please lift!!

  73. berniequinlan1

    TitusOReily GregDavis_cmail Darwin demons has a ring to it!

  74. ghotye

    TitusOReily isn’t the issue that Roos blamed the entire organisation, a claim the admin hated so sought to push the blame onto fans?

  75. Shane Quinn

    The game has passed Roos by as it did Malthouse. Pathetic, dull, outdated style of football being exposed is the issue, not the supporters.

  76. ErynnBeal

    We have a full forward that doesn’t even average a goal a game but it’s still or fault for being negative?

  77. Heath Fidler

    Sure does Flashman. A game plan based on precise disposal for a team with poor skills

  78. Mc Gusto

    Firstly i will just state i am not a Melbourne supporter. But i was appalled at Paul Roos comments having a crack at Melbourne supporters. Gees Melbourne Fans have have stuck with the club through some very very bad times, they have seen the club/board/players/coach make a hash of it over and over again, then Roos the (very high paid) messiah brings his terrible negative style (that he managed to bring the game almost into disrepute at Sydney with) and expected the place to be fixed. Roos complains that the Dees win over Brisbane was labelled the worst game ever. Roosy when Gary Lyon one of Melbournes all time greats and passionate fans is saying that, it probably has some merit

    After the tripe that Melbourne have served up year after year, they are lucky to have any supporters at all. Bashing the ones that they still have does not seem like a good idea. After years in the doldrums, who would not expect a Melbourne supporter to have some cynicism in their attitude. 

    Roos perhaps would be better off coaching in soccer. I could see him and Ross Lyon being very happy coaching against each other in a game that finished 0-0. Good work keeping the clean sheet boys.

  79. Matt Kajewski

    Couldn’t have said it any better myself! I’m sick and tired of hearing excuses about our inept performances. First they blamed the administration and coaching staff previously in charge saying some of the players are still mentally scarred from those dark days. Now they are blaming us for being negative. We have bought into this club for a long long time and have seen no return. Roos should man up and say we are behind schedule but we are on the right path (and I firmly believe we are on track, but we are simply not improving at the rate we all hoped and probably expected). If the club doesn’t apologise to the fans, fans will jump ship and stop buying memberships and turning up to games. I will still go week in week out because that’s me and I know you will too mate, but I will definitely understand if our fans drop off. Bewildering comments by Paul and peter! It really ticked me off!!!

  80. NedCallahan

    An apostrophe consultant is called for. Ok, I’ll volunteer.

  81. Billious

    The only thing positive about Melbourne is that Roos has taken a lot out of the treasure pot and only this year with Goodwin now directing the game plan have they started to make genuine progress.  Roos took a Sydney with some very good players and developed the ugly game that brought short term success it is Longmire who has developed the long term success for Sydney.

    Roos has done the same short term stint at Melbourne without any genuine success at Melbourne but can never be credited with any future rise because its easier to move on before the failings become identified.  When you are as bad as Melbourne were it doesnt take a miracle to improve the draft system sees to that but they did not get any serious improvement during Roos watch just became a better playing inconsistant side, that still didnt play finals.

    Coaches and administrators have become experts at the political crap that this country thrives on, spin doctoring in now a post graduate qualification in Australian society as part of survival just ask Damien Hardwick he is the creative genious graduate who invented it and others are following suit.

    Like our pollies football clubs are treating fans with similar levels of contempt and its about time the fans said enough is enough or all go join Richmond where its compulsory to accept spin doctoring as embedded in the club constitution.

    For 35 years sucessive Richmond and Melbourne Boards have claimed to have got it right or are on track for success then spend the best part of 50 hours a years in denial by demonstration while accusing us the true believers of being negative.  After hearing the “we are on track for finals” for the vast majority of the past 30 years is there any wonder negativity creeps into fans thought processes.

    Is it too much to ask clubs to stop talking about “we are coming” and just get on with it and show us the result not the spin for our sanity as fans that help feed you.  Carlton are the longest we are coming example in modern history and even out perform Metro rail in this respect. In fact the genious behind that spin of some years ago now has developed a blueprint for saving the entire game.  Not only did he destroy Carlton he now want to see how much damage he can do to the bigger picture.  If that isnt a classic case of my egos bigger than Dimetrio nothing is.

    Time to go follow catch me f___me although not sure theres much difference between the two anymire.

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