AFL Tribunal: Consistency is something you want in a sauce

The AFL says consistency is something you look for in a sauce and hardly something you want in an AFL Tribunal.

Chairman David Jones said part of the ‘long and proud’ tradition of the AFL judiciary system were decisions that defied all logic.

“Name one time the system has worked? We could get that right tomorrow but what would everyone get excited about?”

“It would be like knowing the outcome of every footy match before it started. What are the media going to write and talk about? What are the Twitterers and Facies going to whinge about?”

AFL Football Operations manager Mark Evans said he was pleased the new system was introducing new levels of uncertainty.

“I thought people had become a bit used to the uncertainty and inconsistency in the old system.”

“The new system made people think for a brief moment that there would be consistency and now they feel cheated but in a new and exciting way.”

Jury member Shane Wakelin said the great thing about having inconsistency as a key goal is that you can never really get a decision wrong.

“It’s such a relief just to be able to show up and guess a penalty. Take a lot of the pressure off I can tell you.”

Mark Evans said the addition of the Match Review Panel had made inconsistency available on a whole other level.

“That’s been pure genius. Pretending to fix the problem by making it worse. I dream of introducing something so ludicrous one day, I’m sure I can.”

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  1. Bob Hobson

    Fair bump in play = 3 weeks
    Deliberate elbow to the head = 3 weeks
    How much more consistency do you want Titus?

  2. Ugmo

    What inconsistency Titus?

    Punching/elbowing bloke to head – base penalty four weeks (Yarran)
    Discount for being good bloke you could have a beer with – one week.

    Outcome for Hodge, three weeks. The system works.

  3. Old44

    Vicious elbow to jaw now carries the same 3 week penalty as a side bump when contesting the ball. I still don’t know what he did wrong.

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