AFL: Players letting down gambling partnerships

The AFL says players with gambling problems significantly jeopardise the rivers of gold flowing into the industry.

A spokesperson for the AFL said individual players’ selfish actions risked ad revenue, sponsorship and the AFL’s relationship with its own official gambling partner.

“The league takes a dim view on any player who brings negative press on any of our sponsors. It’s no different here.”

“Gambling doesn’t cause problems, ill discipline people cause problems. Just ignore the wall-to-wall ads and don’t gamble. It’s that easy.

“After all, those ads have those little ‘gamble responsibly’ messages. Just follow those.”

Carlton CEO Steven Trigg said revenue from pokie machines was a ‘wonderful thing’ and any player careless enough to develop a gambling problem would be punished.

“Carlton has a terrific relationship with the gambling industry, as do pretty much all clubs and anything that damages the wonderful reputation of the industry needs to be stopped.”

“Gambling is a wonderful way to contribute directly to your club or to society, it’s God’s work really.”

“Everywhere I look I don’t see a gambling problem, only gambling opportunities.”

AFL clubs are expected to call for the AFL to deliver tougher penalties for any player caught developing a gambling problem and bringing the gambling industry into disrepute.

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  1. Phil Lucas

    How dare those players put in jeopardy the riches that the clubs make from the Bookmakers. Everyone knows that marketing/advertising has no impact on individuals. It’s just a coincidence that since tobacco advertising was banned in this country that lung cancer rates have also dropped significantly. Any player who buckles under the pressure and and ruins their and their extended families life should be forced to take themselves and their immediate family off for a swim session at 5:30 on a 5 degree morning.

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