AFL and NRL vote David Gallop ‘Sports Executive of the Year’

In a rare joint statement, the AFL and NRL have announced their joint ‘Sports Executive of the Year Award’ goes to the Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) CEO David Gallop.

“No one man has done more to blunt the growth of soccer and cement the dominance of NRL and AFL in this country,” said ARL chairman John Grant.

“To be honest we don’t even have a joint ‘Sports Executive of the Year Award’, we just thought David deserved some recognition for what he’s done to soccer this year.

“I know a lot of it has been unintentional but that doesn’t change the fact that David has done more for the NRL since he left than when he was here.”

AFL Chairman Mike Fitzpatrick said Gallop’s efforts have been ‘simply outstanding’ and the ‘work of a true genius’.

“I’ve often thought that putting a sleeper agent over at the soccer would be a good idea but it seems someone beat me to it,” said Mr Fitzpatrick.

“David has really pulled off one of the truly great terrible years in sports administration, it’s right up there with my own work during the peak of the Essendon Saga.

“We can’t thank him enough for going to war with the fans like he has; a level we never got to, even when we started scheduling Collingwood/Carlton games at about midnight on a Sunday night in the depths of winter.”

A spokesperson for the FFA said the award was further recognition of how well the FFA was going under David Gallop’s leadership.

“We are also the only Australian sport that has taken the bold step of making our chair position hereditary. That sort of thing always works well.”

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  1. hv8p8s

    TitusOReily You’ve spelled executive wrong. It’s D E F E C T I V E.

  2. Scott Cain

    How does he have a job? Was a massive,clueless tool at the NRL.

  3. Chris Dorn

    Somebody needs to show this to the Northern Terrace or RBB.

  4. Mark Jenkins

    Brilliant – now lets just sit back and be lectured about ‘the world game’ and ‘the fastest growing sport….’.
    Who would have thought that banning people simply because of assault and fireworks charges would be so unpopular??

  5. Chris Dorn

    Either way I don’t think he understands that the FFA’s practices are in breach of The Privacy Act. Ie you must show a person all of the information that you have about them.

  6. Sean Lyons

    The nrl pull the old trojan horse caper. Classic espionage 101. Qld should send Choppy CLose to nsw to coach blues.” Yeah we always used to drink a carton on match eve boys”

  7. MicallefPhilip

    foraggio TitusOReily is this a real story or a gee-up?

  8. scouse_roar

    MicallefPhilip foraggio TitusOReily the fact it’s hard to tell is a damning indictment of gallop and FFA

  9. deformo96

    TitusOReily just shows they don’t know what they are doing

  10. Andrew_Ivezic

    TitusOReily That idiot actually makes former brisbanelions CEO Angus Johnson look competent…

  11. digitalwoch

    TitusOReily rumour has it Gallop is being head-hunted by the West Indian cricket board #WICB

  12. Billious

    That’s the most comment Fitzpatrick has made in public since he became Chairperson of the league and is on a par with his phone call to Sydney Re Buddy’s transfer for quantity of words, but sadly lis still lacking in quality of words chosen.

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