AFL: Not thanking teammate after goal now reportable

In the wake of the Jamie Elliot/Travis Varcoe scandal, the AFL has moved swiftly to make similar incidents reportable.

Last week, Jamie Elliot failed to acknowledge teammate Travis Varcoe’s effort in the build up to Elliott’s goal.

“What we saw on Thursday night is something I never want to see repeated,” said AFL Operations Manger Mark Evans.

“From now on failing to hug, high five or tap a teammate on the bum after a goal will see that player referred to the Match Review Panel.”

Under the new guidelines, players will need to show a public display of affection (PDAs) after every goal. Approved PDAs include:

  • High five
  • High ten
  • Missed high five
  • Jumping high five
  • Hugs lasting more than five seconds but less than ten
  • Tap on the bum
  • Arm around shoulder briefly
  • Putting faces close together while both yelling something incomprehensible
  • Handshake
  • Handshake with some cool addition
  • Awkward handshake/high five combination
  • Group hug
  • Tussling of the goal kickers hair like they’re five years old
  • Staring deep into the goal kickers eyes while telling them they complete you

While some in the game have welcomed the move, one group is far from happy, defenders.

“So I’ve got to run all the way to the forward line every time someone kicks a goal?” said Hawthorn’s Josh Gibson.

“I play for Hawthorn, I’ll be knackered by the second quarter. We don’t have Travis Cloke in our team.

“Thanks a bloody lot Jamie!”

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  1. Aaron Gocs

    also when you miss youve got to point in a direction

  2. Steve Cromb

    Playing for collingwood – immediate suspension.

  3. Noni Primrose

    thanks heavens something is being done about this – its a blight on the game…… fancy being able to see your team mates true colours!

  4. Rosanna Pinneri Ripoli

    How about when they miss high fives and poke each other in the eye!!!

  5. Eliot Cohen

    Where does the fist bump (single or double) sit in the rule books?
    What about the up-and-down-potato?
    I demand answers!

  6. Phill Tee

    maybe they should be given a microphone after each goal for an acceptance speech. He can thank his parents, his partner, his teammates, but most importantly he wouldn’t be accepting his latest goal achievement if it wasn’t for his teammate with the goal assist.

  7. Michael Forkgen

    Jamie Elliot looks like he’s carrying the Greek debt crisis on his shoulders.
    His face would crack open if he smiled.

  8. Chris Dorn

    Very disappointed that giving the finger to the opposition cheersquad didn’t make the cut.

  9. Greg Sperling

    Imagine trying that touching ceremony out on Plugger Lockett?!

  10. John Francis McGeary

    Yeah. Buckley said they have to share the love. Elliott not playing the game. Sharing love??? Not sure if that’s going to win them games.

  11. Grant Pilling

    It’s a trust thing. What if you go in for the ‘down low’ and he gets you with the ‘too slow’?

  12. Rod Annear

    Frankly I’m shocked that the dry root is not an acceptable option. This omission is unfairly targeting Essendon and Collingwood.

  13. Jamie Gower

    I agree but no cheeky Hopoate’s will be tolerated. .

  14. Lindsay Gannon

    If your losing the game no one celebrates. Look weird if you did .

  15. Jonathan Dowling

    Lord O’reily, do you Sir do cricket? That is off course, real cricket  – the Ashes.

  16. Adzy Collins

    Just a public in house sanction would suffice Reverand JJU0001f602

  17. JohnBiddle

    So does the goal scorer have to pda everyone who contributed to the goal, or just the last person to contribute?  Or with the whole of the rest of the team?  Do all of his teammates have to pda, and again, just with the scorer, just with any random nearby teammate, or with every other teammate.  In a team game, for mine you’d think it would have to be every teammate (including interchange players and runners) with every other teammate (including etc)

  18. KeysieTiger

    I note with interest the Andrejs Everitt style one finger contact post goal celebration is not included in the proposed PDA’s, awkward…..I envisage a legal challenge to the restrictive nature of the proposed PDA’s…..perhaps even bordering on a human rights violation?

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