AFL eyes Queensland as potential new market

The AFL is said to be considering launching as many as two AFL teams in Queensland in the ‘medium term,’ according to a source close to the Commission.

It’s believed the Commission is unhappy that Queensland is the only state that people care about that doesn’t have any AFL clubs based there.

Under the plan an AFL team would be based in Brisbane and another in the Gold Coast.

While eventually having an AFL team in Brisbane seems a certainty, it’s understood the Commission is skeptical about a second club on the Gold Coast.

“Putting a sports team on the Gold Coast is like invading Russia in the winter,” said the source.

“Every sporting body that’s ever done it has failed and at great cost. Even the NBL failed there and those guys never lose teams. It is a soil from which no franchise will grow.

“A lot of the key people on the Commission looked at Clive Palmer’s failure up there and thought that if a respected business man like him can’t do it, who really could?”

An AFL spokesperson would not confirm the report and said they were focusing on footy heartlands like Western Sydney.

The spokesperson also laughed when asked about the likelihood of a Tasmanian team.

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  1. barefootdiet

    TitusOReily Jeremy Howe seems to be the inverse barometer wherever he plays. Discuss.

  2. Brett Naylor

    Eddie has proclaimed Queensland as collingwoods academy zone

  3. RhombusHatesYou

    TitusOReily Richmond will have an AFL team before Tasmania does.

  4. Drew Duval

    The may as well dump a few pallets of cash in the centre of the MCG and light it for the half time entertainment at the grand final. I’m sure they can hire Meatloaf to drop the match in.

  5. spartanwa

    TitusOReily that’s worked out for them so well in the past too…

  6. robrendaws

    TitusOReily why? We don’t have the talent level in Australia to support the amount of teams we already have. Look at Collingwood.

  7. geekOnaught

    TitusOReily Should make em Collingwood B & C teams. That way the Pies A team will never have to play away again. Well maybe aways @ the MCG

  8. Matthew Stigter

    Time to agree with Lethal Leigh. Putting Qld ‘free-to-air’ viewers through the pain of two woeful games on TV every week is just torture. At least we’d just have to endure one under Lethal’s plan.

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