Accounting firm to review Football Department for some reason

Richmond have for some strange reason appointed accounting firm Ernst & Young to conduct a review into its football department.

Source close to the club say the appointment was not an accident but actually happened on purpose.

Ernst & Young have defending their appointment saying their accounting skill set could bring real insights to the Tigers’ struggling football department.

“We have a lot of knowledge we bring to this situation. Geoff, who will lead this piece of work, is not only a great accountant but a long suffering Tigers supporter,” said Managing Partner Simon Wessex.

“Geoff already has an 800-page manifesto of what’s wrong with the Tigers. He just already had it too, long before we got this job. Weird huh? He just wrote it on his own time.

“He has a lot of anger Geoff, going back decades. He’s been in a room ever since we told him he’d be doing this, scribbling on whiteboards. It looks like A Beautiful Mind in there.”

Richmond President Peggy O’Neil said appointing an accounting firm made perfect sense for the job at hand.

“I really just wanted them so I could say we were doing something. No one appoints an accounting firm for a report that actually says something.”

“They’d never get appointed again in this country if that happened.”

Ms O’Neil also announced Brendon Fevola would be reviewing Richmond’s finance department.

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