A typical Paul Roos post-game media conference

Reporter: Paul, the Demons were terrible again today. Horrible in fact.

Paul Roos: Weren’t they? Just really bad. One of the worst games I’ve watched. A lot of the players just didn’t show up. I remember at Sydney we always worked really hard to play all four quarters.

Reporter: Does this change your opinion of where the team is at?

Roos: Melbourne’s players need to start thinking about their commitment. Melbourne currently aren’t a very good team. Other teams like the Bulldogs and St Kilda are just further ahead in their development.

Reporter: How’s that? Arguably you’ve had better picks and more time to improve.

Roos: That’s why Melbourne need to just keep coaching them. When I was at Sydney we had the defence in place and then we built on top of that.

Reporter: But other teams are skipping ahead of you and despite small improvements you’ve got a better list than Neeld but the growth is arguably as glacial as it was under him.

Roos: Absolutely. Melbourne as a club needs to have a good hard look at themselves. At Sydney we were always really honest. I won a premiership there.

Reporter: There were several quarters where no Melbourne players had a possession, is that a worry?

Roos: I think that’s just a reflection of where Melbourne is as a club and Melbourne fans just need to accept that. It’s a process Melbourne need to go through.

Reporter: But there were two quarters were several opposition players didn’t have anyone playing on them at all. The opposition’s worst player had three opponents on him for a quarter and still ended up with twenty possessions.

Roos: That was the players’ fault, I sent the message out but they didn’t listen.

Reporter: But isn’t that sort of your job? To make sure things like that don’t happen?

Roos: Look, the tough thing for Melbourne is that the players have already gone on their end-of-season break, mentally that is.

Reporter: To be honest, it looks like they’ve been on that for the past eight years. I guess you’ll refund all the Melbourne members for the last three games then?

Roos: Are you kidding? We’ve got to pay a pretty hefty salary.

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  1. lenphil29

    TitusOReily normally your stuff is funny. This is too close to truth to be funny

  2. JoelCuming

    TitusOReily Pretty poor form, Titus. You had the “we” word in there far too often.

  3. billbc19

    TitusOReily love the use of we in relation to sydney but referring to Melbourne in third person. Spot on

  4. Matthew Cattuzzo

    Michael Tuohy Nick Calrissian Corso Mark Durdin this is so accurate

  5. Leon Perry

    Very accurate portrayal. To Roos, it’s always been ‘Melbourne’, not ‘us’. A con job in the Blight mould at St Kilda, and Malthouse at Carlton. ‘I don’t really want to coach, but show me the money.’

  6. StephenRobert12

    TitusOReily I hate mentioning the past but…

  7. mattpruys

    TitusOReily for a Melbourne ‘supporter’ you sure like to put our club down. You seem to revel in it. You’ve lost a fan here #out

  8. googz7

    mattpruys TitusOReily ^^completely missing the point U0001f610

  9. mattpruys

    googz7 TitusOReily I get the point but it’s not a good look. Over it I’m afraid. Use to enjoy his writing, not so much anymore #lostme

  10. ColMcTweet

    TitusOReily I blame the previous coaches….Barassi, Norm Smith

  11. diamond_Jim18

    TitusOReily hope Roosy talks up the comeback this arvo. Thought we were doing to win it for a while there. #whydoibother

  12. Matt_Donaldson

    TitusOReily gold. All you’re missing ‘it’s about moving to that next level. From being competitive to winning and we aren’t there yet’

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