A plea to end the Carlton Friday night madness

Dear AFL

I’m writing to you about the unrelenting scheduling of the Carlton Football Club on Friday nights.

Even before the season started this was a strange thing to do, after all Carlton haven’t been relevant since the 1990s. You might as well be scheduling NBL games; the ratings would be similar.

I can only assume this is some sort of psychological warfare against footy fans, something the AFL has specialised in for some time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good comedy on a Friday night as much as anyone, the problem is, I’ve seen this one a lot.

The jokes are getting old; the bit where Gibbs and Murphy go missing, Mick’s angry press conference, Steven Trigg.

The only logical reason you could be doing this is that you want us all to go out on a Friday night and have a social life. Perhaps you’ve bought some god-awful nightclub venue.

Well I won’t do it. Although, watching the Blues play each Friday is the closest I’ve ever come to wanting to leave the house.

So, AFL, let’s do some of your much loved tinkering. Let’s look at the remaining rounds, pick some interesting matchups and move them to Friday nights currently occupied by Carlton.

I’ve checked with everyone in Australia and they’re more than fine with it.

Oh, don’t worry about Carlton; this is an act of mercy. In fact, embarrassing someone on a national stage every week like this is possibly workplace bullying.

So let’s get some footy back on Friday nights and let Carlton fall apart in the privacy of the twilight Sunday night timeslot.

Fondest Regards


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  1. Martin_Sanna

    TitusOReily I’m writing to Gillon to lock in Carlton Friday Nights. I can’t come up with a better way to start the weekend. Can you? U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  2. thundercats_FC

    TitusOReily looks like it’s Friday night hair curling

  3. petera112001

    TitusOReily whats going to happen next week? 120+ thumping

  4. Kristie Wilkins

    Send it…please…for the love of god!!!!!!!!!!

  5. johnawhistler

    TitusOReily Why? SBS couldn’t be happier #SBSEurovision. Even community TV would have rated higher. AFL

  6. Penny Beitzel

    Carlton have more chance of winning Eurovision. And better hairstyles.

  7. Ken Gevaux

    Always good to see those pricks and their superior being of a coach get bent over.

  8. Daniel Kowal

    I’m starting to like Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on the ABC

  9. tmurray142

    TitusOReily even Malthouse is for it. Blaming the 6day turn around for the loss

  10. Paul Newton

    The manger of the AFL fixture should be placed in stocks in Fed Square and made to watch every Carlton game played this year on the big screen located there.

  11. JP Petres

    They’d only end up replacing carlton games with Richmond games.

  12. Cliff Bingham

    Absolutely. Been a fan of Titus’ work for some time. Those Melbourne fans have a well-developed self-deprecating sense of humour that I enjoy.

  13. Darren Mitchell

    Why? Best entertainment since Patrick Vass at Year 7 camp!

  14. Spizza70

    TitusOReily and spoil an entire weekend of revelling in their incompetence? Surely you jest.

  15. pivotubi

    TitusOReily not likely next week when they face the swannies #goswans

  16. Just_PeterSmith

    TitusOReily helping me to get a good nights sleep Friday nights! Dozing off by qtr time & don’t need to see the end to know the result!

  17. TheStaceus

    TitusOReily The positive thing is that by Round 8, we’ve aseen the back of half their weekend-openers. If only there weren’t 3 more…

  18. TheStaceus

    TitusOReily PLUS they play Hawthorn in Round 23, reckon Hawthorn’ll do us a solid and finish middle of the 8 so they don’t get that Friday?

  19. Chris Drenen

    But at least the misery for Carlton supporters is over with on Friday nights. And I am a Blues’ supporter.

  20. Joanne Everett

    What club will they amalgamate with? Looks like a dead end.

  21. Anthony Effrett

    Haha this is so true I’ve had enough of watching the same comedy every Friday night

  22. andymiles1980

    TitusOReily Wonder if next year they will look at similar model to NRL ?

  23. peteguley

    TitusOReily Contacted everyone in Aus?? I know you spoke to me and all my mates but everyone?

  24. Ms_Catus

    Branching out into serious journalism…..I like it :p

  25. darynepearson

    TitusOReily The AFL dont listen, dictatorships are in fashion

  26. travismcgann

    TitusOReily no leave it the way it is I love watching Carlton get smashed

  27. CJCau

    TitusOReily It’s to allow Carlton fans time to recover for work on Monday.

  28. EdwardJWHunter

    “Even before the season started this was a strange thing to do, after all Carlton haven’t been relevant since the 1990s.”

  29. EdwardJWHunter

    “So let’s get some footy back on Friday nights and let Carlton fall apart in the privacy of the twilight Sunday night timeslot.”

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