Rod Marsh admits to trolling Australian cricket fans

After a summer of bewildering selection decisions, the most controversial being the omission of Usman Khawaja, Chairman of Selectors Rod Marsh has confessed to trolling cricket fans.

In a startling confession, Marsh said annoying cricket fans was essentially the role of all Australian selectors and had a long and proud history.

“I’ve been laughing my head off at you all going ballistic on Facebook and Twitter. I even got an account on Peach just to see if anyone was going off tap on that,” said the former Australian wicketkeeper.

“Are you on Peach? No? Yeah, it’s been pretty quiet on there.”

Marsh said he’s been really happy with how he’d been going of late.

“Leaving Usman out has been huge but the real salt in the wound has been picking Shaun Marsh relentlessly.”

“I’ve been less impressed with Shane Watson. I thought making him T20 Captain was the greatest troll of all time but then he goes and scores a century. Still not ever game is going to be a dead rubber, it will work out.”

Asked why he enjoyed annoying Australian cricket fans so much Marsh replied “some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

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  1. 72nivek

    TitusOReily how long you been sitting on this one? lol

  2. Gavin Gleeson

    Sending half the team to NZ halfway through the T20I series worked out well, Rod. Masterstroke.

  3. doug_townsend

    TitusOReily If he keeps at it a job on the@AFL commission is a lock

  4. Mandarin Soy

    Assuming NZ would be a walk in the park is another.

  5. Brett Woods

    Never a truer word spoken. I’ll give him a spray on Monday!

  6. Gavin Gleeson

    Well, facing net bowlers on NZ practice wickets has worked out really well, hasn’t it?

  7. Michael Ackers

    Patrick Garton a little bit of fun for your afternoon

  8. Steve Cannon

    His mouth is to far away from his nose to be trusted

  9. William Harradine

    Time Rod Marsh was sent packing. This old fool has completely ballsed it up right now.

  10. Evan Blythe

    Haha the batman quote is great, but for truth can’t go past Shaun Marsh as salt in the wound!

  11. Damien Hatch

    Will Lugg Jamie Harrison Matthew Allen the sneaky troll

  12. Jamie Harrison

    I wouldn’t even say it was that sneaky, just the blatant troll

  13. Scott Meckiff

    We have to admit , the bowlers we have sent can play but are all under performing and cannot bowl a Yorker or hit a length at present. Our batsmen struggle against spin and throw their wicket away.

  14. Adam Busby

    I heard Uzi was sleeping with Bobby Simpson’s wife…

  15. chadnotweet

    TitusOReily it’s getting ridiculous word is he went to a Brothel last night got told to make his selection & he still picked Shaun Marsh

  16. Greg493

    TitusOReily Excellent expose on australias most famous gambling cheat. #notourboys

  17. ram_dilli

    TitusOReily why usman khawaja is not in the team ????????

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