100 Games: Counting down the Gold Coast Suns’ highlight

The Gold Coast Suns play their 100th game this weekend against Carlton and it’s been an exciting time for them since they entered the league all the way back in 2011.

It’s therefore fitting we countdown the Suns’ highlight to show how far they’ve come in that time.

1. Recruiting Gary Ablett Jr

On 29 September 2010, the Suns secured Gary Ablett on a five-year contract valued at more than $10 million. It was a massive coup at the time and Ablett would go on to have some of his best games for the Suns as well as captaining the fledging club.

So well done on reaching 100 games Suns, it’s been a wonderful return on investment for the AFL and here’s looking forward to a possible 100 games more.

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  1. Adam Brown

    Shannon Titus does it again. Pepsi max wasted due to impromptu lol

  2. melbsmalt

    TitusOReily Ouch. There was that time they chose that theme song.

  3. thechook30

    TitusOReily – Don’t forget they beat Richmond_FC when a Rugby player kicked a goal after the siren. Makes it all worth it!

  4. zoidberg_cool

    they beat the pies twice, and they beat carlton and got brett ratten sacked. many good highlights for them.

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